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steel roof profiles are composed of the following steps, which can be referenced by consumers:

(1) Before construction, first inspect and prepare materials on the spot, so as to create a good construction environment for the smooth construction of the installers.

(2) Familiar with drawings, comprehend the intention of design, compile detailed construction technology and technical safety measures.

(3) The production and processing of steel components are carried out. The roof trusses are made in the processing factory every minute, and spliced and installed on site.

(4) Manual welding. After correcting the steel column, start the installation of the steel structure roof. Before hoisting, the whole roof truss should be spliced and hoisted by a car.

Roof support installation. After installing the roof truss, install the roof light steel purlins and roof panels.

The anti-corrosion methods of different parts of the steel roof profiles are different, and the following are specific for consumers to refer to:

(1) The main load-bearing structure is anti-corrosion. Mild corrosion can be carried out by brushing with anti-corrosion paint. If it is medium to high corrosion, it is necessary to take reinforcement measures and then apply anti-corrosion paint.

(2) Part of the roof is anti-corrosion. The roof should be replaced, and corrosion-resistant plastic tiles or resin tiles should be used. When choosing different roofing materials, it is necessary to consider whether the self-weight of the material has an impact on the original structure, and also consider whether the roof purlin spacing is qualified. If the spacing is not enough or too wide, it is necessary to use encrypted purlins or thickened roof panels for construction.

(3) Anticorrosion of supporting members. Mild corrosion can be anticorrosion by brushing anticorrosion paint. If it is medium to high corrosion, the components need to be replaced. When replacing components, support measures should be taken to the original structure to ensure the stability of the structure, and then the corroded components should be replaced.

The primer, intermediate paint, and topcoat of the anti-corrosion coating should all use good coatings that can be combined with each other. It is best to buy a matching anti-corrosion coating, which can make the steel structure roof longer life and corrosion resistance. lasts longer.

Steel structure roof waterproof construction mainly refers to the construction of steel structure roof waterproof system. The main constituent materials are base waterproof coating, surface waterproof coating and reinforced polyester cloth.

steel roof profiles waterproofing system can solve the water leakage problem of the metal roof at one time, and has super tensile strength, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging and anti-softness. At the same time, the steel structure roof waterproofing system is non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive and stable in quality.

Steel structure roof waterproofing system can be used for steel structure roof horizontal lap joint, vertical lap joint, air conditioning duct, gutter, metal plate, etc. The waterproofing of its detailed structure or weak links only needs to be directly constructed on the steel structure roof, no complicated procedures are required, and the service life is as long as 20 years, which is durable.

steel structure roof

The technical performance of steel structure roof is as follows:

(1) The yield strength of the substrate is 280Mpa or 350Mpa.

(2) The amount of galvanizing is ≥180g/m2.

⑶ coating thickness ≥ 20um.

⑷ Salt spray resistance ≥ 500h.

2. Insulation

Steel structure roof insulation usually adopts three methods:

⑴Indoor spraying flame retardant polyurethane.

(2) Indoor adhesion of silicate rock wool.

(3) Indoor adhesive polystyrene foam

The thermal insulation thickness is generally 1-5cm and 8cm (northeastern region), which can adapt to the thermal insulation requirements of different natural environments.

3. Lighting

There are two main methods of lighting for steel structure roofs:

(1) Opening on the shell plate of the arched groove plate, and replacing it with the Milky Way lighting plate.

(2) Locally change the arch height, and the vertical surface at the change of the arch height is closed with the Milky Way lighting board. The opening of the lighting source is not reserved. After the structure is completed, a plasma cutting machine is used to open a hole in the structure. After the lighting board is installed, seal the opening with sealant. The lighting structure should be strengthened.

4. Ventilation cap

The top of the steel structure roof and the ventilation cap are set to meet various indoor ventilation requirements.

The 500 type ventilator is designed according to the AS2428.1-1993 specification. Under tornado conditions, when the wind speed is 200 km/h and the rainfall is 200 mm/h, the ventilator can still operate normally without damage or rain leakage. Phenomenon. Ventilators require special reinforcement in tornado areas.

5. Node

(1) The steel structure roof is generally hinged, and can also be fixed.

(2) Pre-embedded parts shall be set on the ring beam, and special angle steels arranged through the length shall be welded on it.

(3) The arch foot of the steel structure roof and the angle steel on the ring beam can be connected by bolting or self-tapping nails.

YJ3011 type (original type 118), YJ4519 type (original type 178) and YT6118 type (original type 238).

They are respectively used for rolling the Galaxy roof arch groove plate.

YJ3011 type unit can roll 600mm wide color galvanized steel coil into arch grooved plate. The arched plate rolled by this forming machine is suitable for roll forming of thin plate and small span roof.

Main technical parameters of YJ3011 unit:

Body specifications: length 8.5m, width 2.1m, height 2.3m

Weight: 9t

Power: 22kw

Line speed: 21m/min

Applicable maximum span: 36m

The YJ4519 unit can roll 914mm wide color galvanized steel sheet coils into arch grooves. The arches rolled by this forming machine are suitable for roll forming of thick plate and long-span steel structure roofs.

1. Generally, single-layer color steel plate can be used for installation. During installation, the roof version can be constructed according to HV-470B, HV-478 and other shapes. It can also be installed with single-layer color steel plate, thermal insulation cotton, and steel mesh, which can make the indoor thermal insulation effect better.

2. If you want to make a roof steel structure roof, you can also use the roof outer panel, thermal insulation cotton, and roof inner panel for installation. The inner roof panel can be replaced by sandwich panel color steel plate. In order to save more energy and improve the indoor lighting effect, it is generally necessary to install a layer of lighting panels on the roof, and the price of the lighting panels is similar to that of the roof panels. If you want to enhance the indoor ventilation effect, you should install a roof air building at the origin of the ridge.

The effective way to deal with the leakage of steel structure roof is at important node parts of the roof of steel structure buildings: such as lighting belts, fans, pipes, screws, lap joints and other node parts of the roof that are prone to water leakage.


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