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  Solar energy is produced by hydroquinone fusion of hydrogen atoms inside the sun to release huge nuclear energy, which is the radiant energy from the sun.

Most of the energy required by humans comes directly or indirectly from the sun. Plants release oxygen through photosynthesis, absorb carbon dioxide, and convert solar energy into chemical energy for storage in plants. Fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas are also primary sources of energy evolved from ancient times when animals and plants buried underground have undergone a long geological period. The energy contained in the Earth itself usually refers to the energy associated with the heat inside the  Earth and the energy associated with the nuclear reaction.

   Solar energy is the energy produced by the continuous nuclear fusion process inside the sun. The average solar radiation intensity in Earth's orbit is 1,369 w/m2. The Earth's equator has a circumference of 40,076 kilometers, and solar PV manufacturers can calculate that the Earth can reach 173,000 TW. The standard peak intensity at sea level is 1 kw/m2, and the annual average radiation intensity at 24 h on the earth's surface is 0.20 kw/m2, which is equivalent to 102,000 TW of energy.

Although the sun's radiation to the Earth's atmosphere is only one-twentieth of its total radiant energy, it is as high as 173,000 TW, which means that the sun's energy per second is equivalent to 5 million tons of coal per second. The energy that hits the Earth is 1.465 × 10 ^ 14 joules. The wind energy, water energy, ocean temperature difference energy, wave energy and biomass energy on the earth are all from the sun; even fossil fuels on the earth (such as coal, oil, natural gas, etc.) are fundamentally stored since ancient times. Solar energy, so the scope of solar photovoltaic stent manufacturers in a broad sense is very large, and the narrow solar energy is limited to the direct conversion of solar thermal energy, photothermal, photochemical and photochemical.


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