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 Sino East Steel Group CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer

 that specializes in high quality steel products for more than   

10 years. The Factory based in Tianjin covers an area of 6,000

 square meters with the most advanced equipment. Annual

 Steel production reached 500,000 tons, among them, there

 are 10,000 tons of photovoltaic solar panels products.

 Under the “The Belt and Road Initiative ", with the strong

 support and advocate of Tianjin Government, Sino East Steel

 Group CO., LTD. responses actively.



                                                                                                       OUR PRODUCTS


The mounting system is easy to install with low cost, suitable for 

outdoor vast ground, which is used for large-scale photovoltaic power

 station. This mounting system body is made of structure steel, its

 surface is galvanized by dipping and its service life is over 10 years.


* Adopt steel structure fittings in quantity, largely reducing costs.

* Every joint part is well-designed, and suitably matched

* Adopt standard fasteners for connection, for the convenience of


* Suitable for connection in large array, and used for installation projects with large power generation amount.


Single-column array installation system, suitable for large-scale 

power station project, is currently the most common installation type, when power generation demands are large, it is necessary to install a mass of solar energy components and use long-row installation type, which makes the installation easy, and reduces installation cost of

 solar station.


* Adapt mounting system pr-galvanizing structural steels or ZM310 

structural steels rail specially designed for crystalline silicon

 component installation.

* Make enhanced design for stand columns, beams and other 

mounting system parts, which is capable of meeting the requirements

 of large working load, integrating wiring groove and making

 the construction easier.


The installation system is suitable for installation of hull cell and

 crystalline silicon components, and single-column array installation

 system is suitable for large power station project, which is the most

 common installation type; when power production is large, it is

 necessary to install large quantity of solar energy components and

 use long-row installation type, which makes the installation easy, 

and reduces installation cost of solar energy station, arranges mounting

 system in array, and increases whole strength of the mounting system.


* All mounting system structural components use hot-dipped galvanizing

 structural steels, which can reduce costs.

* Suitable for installation of all kinds of thin film and crystalline silicon

 components. Use steel track to reinforce rear parts of thin film

 components, which is stable and reliable with respect to installation.


Used for large commercial and common photovoltaic power stations,

 the mounting system is suitable for non-fossil soil, framed

 and non-framed solar panels.



* Easy installation, some components are assembled in factory, 

which can save filed installation time.



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