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Sino East Steel Group CO., LTD. a leading manufacturer of solar panels brackets products, professional produces high quality solar panel mounting structure for PV project, such as c profile steel, z profile steel, omega profile, l profile, square steel tubing, h beam, etc.
Cold-formed C-section is highly accurate roll formed standard section.
C profile steel is automatically processed by C profile forming machine. Our quality Galvanized Solar Panels c section steel products are support for PV project.
High quality z profile
z profile steel is a common cold-formed thin-walled steel with thickness of generally 1.6-3.0 mm and cross-section height of between 120-350 mm. The z profile processing materials are hot rolled and galvanized.
L profile steel, kinds of size,dimensions,properties, specifications
We offer an extensive range of standard l profile, which can be customized during the process. Fitted with a pre-punched hole pattern. We are also expert in developing custom made l profiles. All products are cut from large steel coils and thus your l profile steel can be fully customized to your specifications: no matter the size, thickness, complexity, material specifications or finish.
Conforming to standard quality square tube
Steel square pipe is a welded structural grade pipe, including 3x3 steel tube, 2.5 square tubing, 4 inch square steel tubing, etc.. Both grades are suitable for all structural applications, general fabrication, manufacturing and repairs. Galvanized square pipes are widely used in industrial maintenance, agricultural tools, transportation equipment, truck beds, trailers, frames, etc..
manufacture price h beam
The H beam is shaped like an H-shaped beam. It is a structural beam made of rolled steel. It gets its name because its cross section looks like a capital letter H. H-beam has a thicker center web, which means it is often stronger.
We supply various omega profile
Omega profile is rolled from high quality steel. Omega profile steel is mainly used in the construction, transportation and manufacturing industries where dimensional accuracy and high quality steel are required. Our standard steel grades are ASTM-A36, ASTM-A572, ST-37, ST-52, S235JR, S355JR, SS400, SS55, and other steel grades are available upon request.
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Sino East Steel Group CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer that specializes in high quality steel products. The Factory based in Tianjin and targeted in exploring markets of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, America, Africa etc..
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Sino East Steel Group is a well-know supplier that specializes in best quality and wholesale price steel profile products, including c section steel, steel z profile, l profile steel, square pipe, h profile, etc.
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Z profile steel is a common cold-formed thin-walled steel with a thickness of generally 1.6-3.0mm and a cross-section height of 120-350mm. The processing materials are hot rolled and galvanized. Proc...
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Tianjin Sino East Group is a professional manufacturer of various types of c-profile steel, mainly engaged in the research and development, produces and sales of steel c section for photovoltaic syste...
Sino East Steel Group CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of solar photovoltaic stents, mainly engaged in studies, produces and sales of photovoltaic stent systems. We adhere to the business phil...


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