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Distributed PV station system

Specification: Sino Green distributed PV station system
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
SpecificationSino Green distributed PV station system
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others

1.The structure and materials of the distributed PV station

There are two types of PV distributed PV station system, one is on commercial building and one household, both are installed on the roof of the building. solar panels are fixed on solar stents, after reconnect panels, formed a solar array. Direct current is generated by panel absorbing power of the sun, and converted into alternative current, which could be use by the owner of the system, of upload to the national grid with compensation.

2. Distributed commercial solar power station normally generate a capacity of 1Mwp 

current to be self used or upload, which use up to 12,000 square meters of a commercial roof space. 

Sino Green New Energy indulge this project either by direct investment and operation, 

or by providing investors with developing, constructing, grid connecting, and maintenance plans.

3.Distributed solar power station for household, is generally invested by household, 

which is same as commercial one. Household’s income is realized by the system provided by Sino Green New Energy, 

which use up to a roof space of 25 square meters and generates 3kw.

4.Station converting rate is influenced by components and professional maintenance, 

which can by provided by own service team or out-source. Professional maintenance team, 

not only sufficient with talented technicians who have abundant experience and advanced maintenance technics. 

And the same time, the operation of the station is ensured by cellphone App and commercial remote control.

To improve professionalism of maintenance and inspection for the rate of power generation 

and running a full life circle, dual model of onsite inspection and real time monitoring 

are used by professional operation and maintenance team.

Sino Green provides:

~Intelligent distributed power station monitoring platform

The company developed a monitoring platform for the distributed power station 

with plenty of experience in operation and maintenance of distributed solar power stations. 

The station is connected to the centralized operation analysis platform through communication devices, 

which has the following advantages:

1.  24hrs real-time smart monitoring :  monitor the operation of each power station, 

and live time feed of the power generated and intensity of sun radiation intensity each month;

2. Timely detection, location and elimination of faults: through intelligent processing and analysis of cloud big data, 

it can timely detect solar cell module faults, inverter faults, and box transformer faults, and quickly arrange operation 

and maintenance personnel to eliminate them;

3. Massive data analysis and optimizing ability: it can record historical operation data, 

conduct smart evaluation for the power station through big data comparative analysis, which, 

helping optimizing operation and maintenance plan for O&M teams, improve comprehensive 

power generation efficiency for the power station, and provide data support for site selection, 

design and construction of power station project in later stage.

~Professional operation and maintenance team

Professional team members with years of knowledge and experience from Sino Green New Energy provide on-site inspection and maintenance, to serve the most interest for the station.

~Advanced technics

In addition, the company also further improves the operation and maintenance efficiency through a variety of technical means. Through surveillance, monitoring all conditions, formulate contingency plans ;using robot to clean dust or snow remotely and accordingly, so as to improve the power generation efficiency.

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