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Adjustable solar panel roof mount

The utility model relates to the technical field of solar panels, in particular to an adjustable mounting bracket for solar panels suitable for sloping roofs.

Background technique:

Solar panels are a common product equipment that absorbs and converts light energy into electrical energy. Through the use of solar panels, the escaping light energy can be converted and absorbed. It has environmental protection and energy saving performance. When the panels are installed, due to the different installation positions, the application of auxiliary mounting brackets is required to make the solar panels stable and firm when installed on the ground, sloped roofs and other positions.

However, the existing solar panel mounting brackets for sloped roofs have the following problems when used:

1. During the installation and utilization of solar panels, due to their different sizes and models, the installation fixation is unstable, which is easy to cause looseness and fall off after installation, which poses safety hazards and insufficient practicality;

2. After the installation of solar panels is completed, due to the different slopes of the sloping roof, it is inconvenient to change the installation orientation of solar panels in a good and stable manner, which makes the light energy receiving surface of solar panels have application limitations.

In view of the above problems, it is urgent to carry out an innovative design on the basis of the original solar panel mounting bracket on the sloped roof.

Technical realization elements:

The purpose of this utility model is to provide an adjustable mounting bracket for solar panels suitable for sloping roofs, so as to solve the above-mentioned background technology. The difference with the model makes the installation fixation unstable, which is easy to cause looseness and fall off after installation, and there is a safety hazard. Due to the different slope of the inclined roof, it is inconvenient to make good and stable changes in the installation direction of the solar panel, which makes the solar panel The light energy receiving surface has the problem of application limitation.

In order to achieve the above purpose, the present invention provides the following technical solutions: an adjustable mounting bracket for solar panels suitable for sloping roofs, comprising a roof body, a motor and a gear shaft, the top of the roof body is connected with a broken wire rod and a support rod One end of the folding line rod and the other end of the support rod is connected to the bottom of the fixing plate, and the fixing plate and the end of the folding line rod and the support rod are connected with a support seat, the middle of the folding line rod is installed with a guide rail, and the guide rail A sliding block is installed between the outer wall of the broken line rod, and the middle bearing of the guide rail is equipped with a bolt rod. The inside of the fixed plate is equipped with elastic parts, the motor and the gear shaft are installed at the bottom of the fixed plate, and the motor and the gear shaft are connected to each other through the runner and the crawler belt, and the bottom side of the fixed plate is equipped with a collar, and the collar A positioning rod is slidably installed in the middle part, and a positioning clamp is fixedly connected to the end of the positioning rod. The end of the positioning clamp is threaded with fastening bolts, and the inner side of the positioning clamp and the top of the fixing plate are both laid with anti-skid pads.

Metal roof solar panel mount

Metal roof solar panel mount. The core structure of the vertical seam occlusal type (Standing Seam System) point support roofing system is the metal plane design of the special panel based on the straight seam occlusal design. This design is mainly aimed at the large-span self-regulating roof panel using its unique fixing The support, lock edge connection method, and the recognized vertical connection method. The occlusion forms a combined connection. This desired occlusal process does not occur, and is completely automatically completed by machinery. The connection between the occlusal edge and the seat support can be induced by thermal expansion and contraction. The advantages are demonstrated in the defense At the same time, the complete accessory supply of this roofing system can meet various requirements.

The vertical seaming metal roof system is widely used in famous buildings all over the world, including airport terminal buildings, railway stations, factories, schools, municipal constructions, etc.

The design and structure of the vertical seaming metal roof system has a complete system suitable for various roof applications, providing various and beautiful roofing

Type, with extraordinary performance, making the building a part of the regional landscape! The vertical seaming metal roof system can ensure that there is no leakage, and it is completely taken

The screw connection is eliminated, and the length of the roof metal plate is not limited, making it an ideal roofing system.

The vertical seam metal roofing material can be formed on the construction site, which greatly saves construction costs, improves production efficiency, and reduces transportation

Damaged loss. From its flexibility to meet various architectural requirements, it provides strong support for the building to solve various problems that are considered difficult. Enter

Professional roll forming equipment, this equipment is a multi-functional equipment that can process rectangular plates, sector plates, double female buckle rectangular plates, double female buckle sector plates, double

Male buckle rectangular plate, double male buckle fan-shaped plate. The equipment is installed in a 6-meter container, which does not occupy on-site construction space and save transportation costs. PLC industrial electricity

Brain control can realize automatic production and save power.

1. Conventional board type

The standard size of the vertical seam metal roof system forming part is 65 mm deep, and the YX65-500/430/400/330/300 aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panel.

2. System characteristics

1) The construction and installation are simple, flexible, accurate and economical.

2) Excellent drainage and seepage resistance, thermal expansion resistance and safe wind pressure performance.

3) The on-site roll forming equipment can provide roof panels of any size with a length of more than 100 meters, which makes the building roof from the ridge to the eaves.

It is made of one piece of material without any connection in between.

4) Hidden fixed rod (T code) for forming sheet. Pressure and suction can be absorbed, and the possibility of self-expansion is fully guaranteed (even very long plates

material). The thickness of the insulated house is determined by the length of the fixed rods used.

5)It is pressed on the fixed rod from top to bottom to avoid tilting left and right. This is very beneficial for installation, especially when installing long roof panels.


6)Do not punch holes during roof construction. For the installation of additional structures on the roof, such as sidewalks or snow protection systems, neither screws nor

With rivets, the formed sheet ridges are tightened on the fixed rods preset under the mother board. For avoidable roof openings, such as chimneys, skylights,

Ventilation ducts, dome lighting windows, etc., are all connected by welding.

7)The materials and colors of all mating parts are the same as those of the emotional board, namely, fixed rods, ridge plates, cornices, U-shaped pieces, end pieces, amiga rails, and walkers.

Road folder and so on.

Vertical seam aluminum-magnesium-manganese point support metal roof system accessories.

Aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy roof panel fixed bearing series: YX65-300 400 420 430 500 600 series. Aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate support (bracket) model: H65mm H75mm H80mm H100mm H115mm H135mm H155mm H165mm H169mm H180mm 195mm 200mm Aluminum alloy material (6063 T5 /6061 T6) is equipped with heat insulation pad. Annual sales of 80 million sets (support for customized heightening) aluminum-magnesium-manganese vertical seaming system accessories: Z-shaped pressure plate supporting U-shaped gable buckle groove, 7-shaped gable buckle groove, T-shaped gable buckle groove, roof seal, Cornice seals, drip sheets, roof ridge attachments, edge closing attachments 65 upright seam galvanized roof panel fixed steel support bracket.


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