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Metal C Purlins are light in weight and perfect for simple span construction. Cee Purlins are secondary steel framing members used for roof and wall support as well as a header, sill, brace, and more.

What size and lengths do C purlins come in?

Metal Cee Purlins are available in a wide variety of sizes and lengths. See graph below for sizes of galvanized metal purlins. Custom sizes and lengths available with a two week lead time. Metal purlins are in stock for immediate will call or delivery. Delivery trucks servicing the entire United States.

Availability Chart

See the graph below for the sizes of galvanized C purlins that we keep in stock for immediate pick up or delivery.

Custom sizes and lengths available with a two week lead time.

What are Cee Purlins?

In steel construction, the term purlin typically refers to roof framing members that span parallel to the building eave and support the roof decking or sheeting. The steel purlins are in turn supported by rafters or walls.

Cee Purlins For Metal Roofing

Designed to reduce the distance the rafters have to span, metal purlins support the loads from the roof deck and help to prevent the roof from sagging. Western States Metal Roofing offers two types of galvanized purlins:

C Purlin - Cee or C purlins are shaped like a squared-off letter C. They are often used for structural support in walls and as floor joists in addition to roofs.

Z Purlin - The zee or Z purlin is shaped like a letter Z. Its shape allows the purlin to overlap with others at the joints. This gives zed purlins the potential to be much stronger than C purlins. Z Purlins are mainly used in walls or for large roofing projects.

Advantages of Cee Purlins

Ability to span length

Purlin construction is easier to assemble and handle

Assured dimensions and straightness

High durability, versatility and uniform quality

Low transportation cost due to decreased weight

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Cee Channel is available in a galvanized finish. Metal C Channel is available for immediate shipping.

All SSMA products have a four part identification code which identifies the size (both depth and flange width), styles and material thickness of each number.

Available in 20', 25, & 30' Lengths

Weight: 1.88 Lbs. Per Ft.

Cee Purlin is primarily used as structural framework in buildings due to its lightweight and economical properties.

* Prices and Availability are Subject to Prior Sale

* Not stocked at all locations please call to verify stock

* Product may very by location

C purlins and z purlins are part of the secondary framing structure. They’re designed to distribute loads from the surfaces of your metal building to its primary framing and foundation. This adds longitudinal support and provides lateral bracing for compression flanges, increasing the overall frame capacity.

MBCI offers interlocking cees and zees designed to add aesthetic appeal and structural integrity to your building project.

*Actual size does not apply to Cees. It refers to unequal flange Zees only

Available in 12-gauge, 13-gauge, 14-gauge and 16-gauge

Choose from standard & custom punching patterns

Choose from red oxide or G90 coated galvanized finish

Various sizes

Roof purlins are used to support metal roofing panels. Wall girts are used for the fastening of metal siding. They are available in stainless steel or galvanized, and can be prime painted and/or coated in ZAM.

In this section you'll find sample calculations for determining wind and snow loads as well as C purlin and C girt weight tables.

C Purlin and C Girt Structural Steel

Wind, Snow, & Weight TablesFlexospan provides standard, even-profile C purlins and C girts as well as custom profiles and punching patterns. We manufacture any component from 1/2" steel subgirts to 12" section up to 10 gauge. Steel c-purlins and c-girts are also available with other depths and flange widths. Contact Flexospan for information on purlin and girt structural steel dimensions. Steel wall girts and roof purlins are manufactured and sold onsite.

Purlin & Girt Coatings:Prime Painted


Stainless Steel


  Cee Profiles are used as both purlins and girts. When used as purlins, the cee-profile is laid horizontally along the length of the roof, providing support to the cladding. As a girt, the cee-profile provides stability and attachment points for wall panels. The structural shape provides strength while the thin gauge of the steel minimizes load on the building frame.

The small profile of a cee-purlin makes it ideal when the width of the structural component is important, for example, when close to eaves.. The center of gravity is in the center of the shape making cee-purlins easier to work with as they balance on their short side without assistance. They are the preferred shape for carports and simple structures.

Finishes available: Galvanized Z purlin, Red Oxide Coated Z purlin

*Red Oxide Purlins and Galvanized purlins increase the life expectancy and reduce maintenance costs on your metal building.

Also called: Cee Purlins, C purlins, C profiles

We deal in Pre Galvanized C Purlin By keeping the track of current market trend, we are highly efficient in supplying an exclusive spectrum of C Purlins. Offered product is checked in terms of quality before delivering at customer’s end. This product is manufactured from the high quality material & modern techniques, as per international quality norms. In addition, we provide this product on several sizes for meeting the variegated demand of customers.


· Weatherproof

· Durability

· Low maintenance

We offer high quality range of C Purlin. These C Purlins are used for industrial buildings, garages, verandahs and carports, in fact for any structure that requires strong reliable steel framing. These C Purlins are manufactured using premium materials and advanced machines to assure clients satisfactions. We offer C Purlins at market leading prices.


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