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Cold rolled or cold formed steel refers to the finished steel with various sectional shapes formed by bending steel plates or strips in cold state. Cold formed section steel is a kind of light thin-walled steel with economical section, also known as steel cold formed section or cold formed section. Cold formed steel is the main material for making light steel structures. It has various ultra-thin, reasonably shaped and complex sections that cannot be produced by hot rolling.

Cold formed steel is widely used in foreign construction industry, such as urban rail transit, subways, three-dimensional garages, roof trusses, purlins, trusses, rigid frames, wall frames, keels, roof panels, wallboards, floors, doors and windows, even containers, pipes, cofferdams, steel sheet piles, breakwaters, and so on.

Compared with hot rolled section steel, under the same section area, the turning radius can be increased by 50~60%, and the section inertia moment can be increased by 0.5~3.0 times, so the material strength can be reasonably utilized; Compared with ordinary steel structure (i.e. steel structure made of traditional I-beam, channel steel, angle steel and steel plate), it can save about 30-50% of steel. The important characteristics of cold formed section steel are that it is an economic section steel, which can produce various complex sections. It mainly improves the strength of section steel by changing the section shape of section steel.

SINO GREEN Standard sections

Standard section steel - cold-formed, dimensionally accurate, strong yet light

SINO GREEN’s cold-formed steel sections are suitable for practically any kind of steel structure, whether for commercial or residential buildings, machines or appliances.

The accuracy of the cross-sectional form and good formability for high-strength material makes it possible to create long-lasting and light structures.

Typical applications are frames and sub-frames, vehicle and trailer bodies, warehouse equipment and masts.

Introducing C section

SINO GREEN supplies high-quality C section steel by cold roll forming the steel into a C shape.

The C section consists of a wide web with two parallel flanges on the top and bottom of one side of the web and two lips. So some places, it called Lipped Channel.

Uses for C section steel

C channel steel often provides structural support in building construction that requires dimensional accuracy and high-quality steel. It is also used in automobiles, ships and other vehicles and to manufacture a variety of industrial, commercial and consumer products.

Window and door frames, gates, fences

Support for wooden beams

Roof rafters

Frames in cars, trucks and other vehicles

Girts, studs, braces, joists and other structural components

Conveyor rails

Bridges and truss structures

Power transmission towers, solar panel mounts

Home appliances, metal furniture


C section sizes and grades

We provide C section steel in the Chines standard grade in a range of sizes. You can request other steel grades, plus custom lengths, punching and more.

Introducing U channel steel

Cold-formed U channel steel is a highly accurate roll formed standard section

SINO GREEN’s cold-formed U channel steel sections are suitable for replacing hot-rolled beams in many applications.

U channel steel sections include a very wide range of options for steel grades as well as steel dimensions. Dimensions exactly matching the application provide significant weight and cost savings. Each unit of weight saved by the U shaped steel channel will offer direct benefits in transportation and in the lighter weight of structures. Our cold-formed U channel steel sections are made according to National Standard in Chinese.

Cold-formed U channel steel sections are manufactured by roll forming using SINO GREEN’s high-quality steels. It is mainly used in the construction, transportation and manufacturing industries where dimensional accuracy and high-quality steels are required.

SINO GREEN’s cold-formed steel channels are suitable for replacing hot-rolled beams in many applications.

Replacing hot-rolled UNP beams with cold-formed U channel sections

Hot-rolled UNP beams can often be replaced with cold-formed U channel sections.

 The benefits of using cold-formed U channel steel sections include

The accuracy of the cross-sectional form and better straightness compared to the hot-rolled beam.

U channel steel dimensions for cold-formed sections are almost unlimited.

Cold-formed sections have a wide range of materials and the material can be selected depending on what is most appropriate to the application.

Steel U channel sizes can be adjusted to customer needs, thus reducing scrap and the need for further processing.

This U-channel steel series has been developed with the same outside dimensions as hot-rolled UNP beams so that replacing hot-rolled beams is easier. The thickness is selected so that the cold-formed U-channel has the same bending strength, but it weighs less. Weight reduction has been achieved by using higher strength steel grade.

Why choose cold-formed steel sections from SINO GREEN

The benefits of our cold-formed sections include

Highly precise shapes in almost any desired length and shape

Attractive, smooth surface finish

Uniform and consistent product, formed to tight tolerances

High strength-to-weight ratio, lightweight product is easy to transport and erect

Common jointing methods can be used (welding, bolting, adhesives, etc.)

Recyclable at end of life

In recent years, the reticulated shells, shelves, single-layer and multi-storey buildings made of cold-formed steel have also been developed rapidly. In developed countries, the construction industry is the largest user of cold formed steel, accounting for 5% of the total steel, and the cold-formed steel used in the construction industry accounts for more than 70% of the total cold-formed steel. The cold-formed steel products used in the construction industry are mainly cold-formed square and rectangular tubes for structures and cold-formed steel for structures. From the perspective of structural mechanics and economy, the combination of cold-formed steel and H-shaped steel is the best combination for the construction industry, which can realize the industrialization of industrial plants and civil residential construction. Cold-formed C-section steel has been widely used in urban rail transit, which will play a very important role in the future.

SINO GREEN has good relationships with lots of steel profiles manufacturers. We are the wholesale cold rolled c section steel and hot rolled steel profile, like steel h beam, U Channel, T bar, and so on. If you have any inquiry or question, please feel free contact with us immediately. Hope our professional and warm service will satisfied every clients all of the world. 


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