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Galvanized purlin series

Product Category: Color-coated panels, profiled panels and galvanized purlins

type galvanized purlin is made of galvanized steel sheet, which is formed by rolling and cold bending. It has thin wall, light weight, excellent section performance and high strength. Compared with traditional channel steel, it can save 30% of materials with the same strength. C-type galvanized purlin purlin forming machine is automatically processed and formed. The forming process can be automatically completed according to the given purlin size. It is suitable for the roof, wall and interior and exterior wall decoration of industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, and large-span steel structure houses. Long, maintenance-free and other characteristics, has been widely promoted and applied color steel enclosure building system. C-shaped steel purlins of various materials can be customized according to customer requirements, Q235, Q345 low-alloy, weather-resistant steel, Q456, etc. Galvanized steel can be customized with 275 grams of special quality materials with a zinc layer or above, and export products can be packaged for export. The thickness of the purlin is generally between 1.6-3.0mm, and the section height is mostly between 120-350mm. The processing standard shall be implemented according to GB50018-2002.

Galvanized C purlins are not afraid of scratches, and their corrosion resistance is greatly improved compared with ordinary purlins. It's just that the price is more expensive. Hot-dip galvanizing is also called hot-dip galvanizing. Hot-dip galvanizing is a surface treatment method to improve the rust resistance of steel parts. Hot-dip galvanizing is to degrease steel parts in lye, and then remove rust in acid solution (a certain composition of hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid), exposing the clean metal surface, and then immersing it in a molten galvanizing pot, thereby The parts are covered with a uniform and complete zinc layer, which greatly improves the anti-corrosion ability of the steel parts and prolongs their service life. For example, the common highway guardrails, transmission towers, etc. are all hot-dip galvanized, and these equipment can be used for ten or even twenty or thirty years without rust. Cold galvanizing is to hang the workpiece that has also undergone degreasing and rust removal, showing no dirt and infiltration, on the cathode in the electroplating tank specially prepared with electrolyte, and zinc is used for the anode. The method of turning on the DC power supply, the zinc ions on the anode migrate to the cathode, and discharge on the cathode, so that the workpiece is coated with a zinc layer. The hot-dip galvanized coating is thicker, generally 30-60 microns, and the coating has a higher anti-corrosion ability. It is suitable for long-term rust prevention of steel parts for outdoor work, such as highway fences, power towers, large-size fasteners and other relatively rough workpieces. The earlier iron water pipes were also hot-dip galvanized. Electro-galvanized, the surface of the workpiece is smooth and flat, but because the coating is relatively thin, generally within 5-30 microns, the anti-corrosion time will be relatively short. Both are used for rust prevention of indoor parts, such as the bottom of the cabinet, panels, and small-sized fasteners.

The steel purlin is processed by hot rolling and cold bending. It has thin wall, light weight, excellent section performance and high strength. The material is Q195-345. Common steel purlins include Z-shaped steel purlins and C-shaped steel purlins. Steel purlins are the secondary load-bearing members in the roof structural system, which transfer the roof load to the steel frame.

Since the steel purlin is cold-formed and thin-walled steel is formed at room temperature, the material will produce a cold-bending effect.

It is suitable for all aspects of steel structure engineering, such as roof and wall beams. When it comes to braces, it generally refers to the round steel that binds steel purlins. To put it bluntly, it is a thick steel bar, which is also to enhance the stability of the purlins, so that the purlins are not easy to be unstable and damaged under certain external forces. The cross-sectional form of the purlin generally has H-shaped steel, C-shaped, Z-shaped, etc., and its function is to reduce the span of the roof panel and fix the roof panel.

shaped steel is automatically processed and formed by a C-shaped steel forming machine. The C-shaped steel forming machine can automatically complete the forming process of the C-shaped steel according to the given C-shaped steel size.

Features of C-shaped steel: C-shaped steel is processed by hot coil and cold bending, with thin wall and light weight, excellent section performance and high strength. The C-shaped steel rolled by the forming machine has a smooth surface and high dimensional accuracy, and the material is Q195-345.

Scope of application: C-shaped steel is widely used in purlins and wall beams of steel structure buildings, and can also be combined into lightweight roof trusses, brackets and other building components can be used in columns, beams and walls in mechanical light industry manufacturing.

C purlins sizes: (100×50×20×2.5)-(300×75×20×3.0)

2. Z-shaped steel

Features of Z-shaped steel: In addition to high strength and excellent properties such as saving steel, Z-shaped steel is particularly convenient and fast to install, and the material is Q195-345.

Scope of application: Z-shaped steel is mainly used for purlins of steel structure buildings, especially for purlins of steep roofs.

Specifications of Z-shaped steel: (100×50×20×2.5)-(300×75×20×3.0)

Galvanized C-shaped steel, hot-dip galvanized C-shaped steel for cable tray, C-shaped steel for glass card groove, C-shaped steel for glass curtain wall, C-shaped steel for wiring trough, reinforced C-shaped steel, double-clad C-shaped steel, single-sided C-shaped steel, C-shaped steel for manual forklift, Unequal C-shaped steel, straight C-shaped steel, beveled C-shaped steel, inner curled C-shaped steel, inner beveled C-shaped steel, roof (wall) purlin C-shaped steel, automobile profile C-shaped steel, expressway column C-shaped steel, solar bracket C-shaped steel (21-80 series), formwork support C-shaped steel, precision C-shaped steel for equipment, etc.

Types and specifications of C-shaped steel purlins Q235B galvanized C-shaped steel

1. C-shaped steel purlins are divided into five specifications of 80, 100, 120, 140, and 160 according to different heights, and the length can be adjusted according to the project

2. It is determined by design, but considering the conditions of transportation and installation, the total length generally does not exceed 12 meters.

3. Cold-formed thin-walled C-shaped steel purlins are widely used in steel structure engineering.

4. The product can be used as a supporting connection system for roof and wall structures, or as an independent steel beam and steel column.

5. The common purlin welding can replace H-shaped steel, channel steel, and square steel as roof beams and wall columns of small-span steel structure buildings. It also has high strength and saves steel consumption and installation labor costs.


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