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Galvanized pipe has a wide range of uses in our daily life.Galvanized steel tubing suppliers are full of beautiful things in eyes, in order to provide better service and quality, our factory has always been committed to the product quality mentioned the best, the price pressure to the most preferential.

Galvanized steel tube is divided into cold galvanized steel tube, hot galvanized steel tube, cold galvanized steel tube has been banned, the latter is still advocated by the country can be used temporarily. 60 70 time, developed country begins to develop new-style pipe material on the international, prohibit galvanizing pipe in succession. China's ministry of Construction and other four ministries and commissions have also issued a document to ban galvanized pipes as water supply pipes from 2000. Galvanized pipes are rarely used in cold water pipes in new communities, and some hot water pipes are galvanized pipes. Hot dip galvanized steel pipe is widely used in fire fighting, electric power and highway.

Hot dip galvanized steel pipe is widely used in construction, machinery, coal mine, chemical industry, electric power, railway vehicles, automobile industry, highway, bridge, container, sports facilities, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, prospecting machinery, greenhouse construction and other manufacturing industries.

Welded steel tubes with hot dip or electrogalvanizing coating. Galvanizing can increase the corrosion resistance of steel pipe and prolong its service life. Galvanized pipe USES is very wide, in addition to a general low pressure fluid such as water, gas, oil line pipe, also used as oil industry, especially the ocean oil field oil well pipe, oil pipe, chemical coking equipment of oil heater, the condensing, exchange of coal distillation wash oil cooler for tube, and trestle pile, mining tunnel supporting frame tube, etc.

Cold galvanized pipe is electric galvanized, galvanized quantity is very small, only 10-50g/m2, its own corrosion resistance is much different than hot galvanized pipe. Regular galvanized pipe manufacturers, in order to ensure quality, most do not use electric galvanized (cold plating). Only those small, outmoded small businesses use galvanizing, and of course their prices are relatively cheap. The Ministry of Construction has officially below, the elimination of backward technology of cold galvanized pipe, is not allowed to use cold galvanized pipe for water, gas pipe. The zinc layer of cold galvanized steel tube is electrodeposited, and the zinc layer is separated from the steel tube substrate. Zinc layer is thin, zinc layer simply attached to the steel tube substrate, easy to fall off. So its corrosion resistance is poor. It is forbidden to use cold galvanized steel pipes as water supply pipes in new residential buildings.

The mechanical property of steel is an important index to ensure the final serviceability of steel. It depends on the chemical composition of steel and the heat treatment system. In the steel pipe standard, according to different use requirements, stipulated the tensile properties (tensile strength, yield strength or yield point, elongation) and hardness, toughness indicators, as well as user requirements of high and low temperature performance.

Steel grade: Q215A; Q215B; Q235A; Q235B.

Test pressure value /Mpa: D10.2-168.3mm is 3Mpa; D177.8-323.9 mm to 5 mpa.

Often said that the galvanized pipe, galvanized pipe USES gas, heating, using the iron pipe is galvanized pipe, galvanized pipe as water pipes, use a few years later, the tube produce large amounts of rust scale, outflow of including not only pollute the clean is provided, and mixed with smooth wall not breed bacteria, heavy metal corrosion caused by the water content is too high, cause serious damage to human body health.

1) carbon; The higher the carbon content, the harder the steel, but the less plastic and ductile it is.

(2) sulfur; Is harmful debris in steel, steel with higher sulfur in high temperature pressure processing, easy to crack, usually called hot brittleness.

(3) Phosphorus; It can significantly reduce the plasticity and toughness of steel, especially at low temperature, which is more serious, and this phenomenon is called cold brittleness. In high quality steel, sulfur and phosphorus should be strictly controlled. But on the other hand, low carbon steel contains higher sulfur and phosphorus, can make its cutting easy to break, to improve the machinability of steel is favorable.

(4) manganese; Can improve the strength of steel, can weaken and eliminate the adverse effects of sulfur, and can improve the hardenability of steel, high alloy steel with high manganese content (high manganese steel) has good wear resistance and other physical properties.

(5) silicon; It can improve the hardness of steel, but the plasticity and toughness decline, electrical steel contains a certain amount of silicon, can improve the soft magnetic properties.

(6) tungsten; It can improve the red hardness, thermal strength and wear resistance of steel.

(7) Chromium; It can improve the hardenability and wear resistance of steel, improve the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of steel.

(8) zinc; In order to improve the corrosion resistance, the general steel pipe (black pipe) is galvanized. Galvanized steel pipe is divided into two kinds of hot dip galvanized steel and electric steel zinc, hot dip galvanized galvanized layer thick, electric galvanized cost is low, so there is galvanized steel pipe.

Galvanized square pipe is a kind of galvanized pipe, which is widely used in daily life.There are a lot of galvanized square steel pipe factories

In Tianjin.Many customers from China or other countries choose to buy this products from Tianjin.

Hot dip galvanized square pipe has high strength and toughness is strong, very good plasticity have good ductility, used in a different environment all has the very good impact resistance, so don't worry about the quality of various or is * all hazards, service life is very long together particularly high performance-to-price ratio, natural let everyone get better experience when using.

① Tensile strength (σb) : the maximum force (Fb) of the specimen during tensile fracture is divided by the stress (σ) of the original cross-sectional area (So) of the specimen. The unit of tensile strength (σb) is N/mm2 (MPa). It represents the maximum capacity of a metal material to resist damage under tension. Where: Fb-- the maximum force borne by the specimen when it breaks, N (Newton); So-- Original cross-sectional area of the sample, mm2.

(2) Yield point (σ S) : the yield point of a metal material with a yield phenomenon. It is the stress at which the specimen can continue to stretch without increasing the force (keeping constant) during tensile process. In case of force decline, upper and lower yield points should be distinguished.

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