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We are one of the biggest manufacturer in China who have been TUV certificated and specialized in producing H section ,H section steel is a kind of cross section area allocation more reasonable optimization stronger than heavy economic section of high profile, because of its cross section the same as the English letter H the name Since the different parts of h-beam with orthogonal configuration, so h-beam in all directions has bending ability Simple construction The advantages of cost saving and structure light weight, has been widely used

The inner and outer flanges of H-beams are parallel or nearly parallel, and the flanges end at right angles, hence the name parallel flanged I-beams. The web thickness of H-shaped steel is smaller than that of ordinary I-steel with the same high web, and the flange width is larger than that of ordinary I-steel with the same high web, so it is also named wide flange I-steel. Determined by the shape, the section modulus, moment of inertia and corresponding strength of H-beam are obviously better than that of ordinary I-beam with the same single weight. Used in different requirements of the metal structure, whether under bending moment, pressure load, eccentric load shows its superior performance, can be compared with ordinary I-steel greatly improve the bearing capacity, saving metal 10% ~ 40%. H-shaped steel has wide flange, thin web, many specifications and flexible use, which can save 15% ~ 20% of metal in various truss structures. Because the inner and outer flanges are parallel and the edge ends are right angles, it is easy to assemble and combine into various components, thus saving about 25% of welding and riveting work, greatly speeding up the construction speed and shortening the construction period of the project.

Because of the advantages mentioned above, H-beam steel is widely used in: a variety of civil and industrial building structures; All kinds of large-span industrial plants and modern high-rise buildings, especially in areas with frequent seismic activity and industrial plants under high temperature working conditions; Large Bridges with large bearing capacity, good cross-section stability and large span are required; Heavy equipment; Expressway; Ship frame; Mine support; Foundation treatment and dam works; Various machine components.

H beam product specifications are many, classification methods have the following several. (1) According to the flange width of the product, it can be divided into wide flange, middle flange and narrow flange H-shaped steel. Flange width B of wide flange and middle flange H-beams is greater than or equal to web height H. The flange width B of narrow flange H beam is about one half of web height H. (2) According to the use of the product, it is divided into H type steel beam, H type steel column, H type steel pile, extremely thick flange H type steel beam. Parallel leg channels and parallel flanges are sometimes included in the range of H-beams. In general, narrow flange H steel as beam, with wide flange H steel as column, and thus known as beam H steel and column H steel. (3) According to the production mode, it is divided into welded H-beam and rolled H-beam. (4) According to the size specification size is divided into large, medium and small H-shaped steel. Usually the web height H in 700mm above the product is called large, 300 ~ 700mm is called medium, less than 300mm is called small. By the end of 1990, the world's largest H-section web height of 1200mm, flange width of 530mm.

Internationally, the product standard of H-beam is divided into British system and metric system. The United States, Britain and other countries use the British system, China, Japan, Germany and Russia and other countries use the metric system, although the units of measurement used in the British system and the metric system are different, but the H-beam is mostly used to express their specifications with four dimensions, namely: web height H, flange width B, web thickness D and flange thickness T. Although all countries in the world to the size of h-beam size specification size of the expression method is different. But the size range and size tolerance of the products produced are not much different.

The actual model specifications of this kind of raw materials on the market can reach more than 100 kinds of clinical diagnosis, and there are even a large number of them. People can produce and process such raw materials into satisfactory goods according to their own different requirements. It is worth mentioning that people now in addition to the characteristics of the rules, but also for the appearance of the raw material just after the end of production, the appearance looks smoother and brighter.

Our company adheres to the "integrity-based" business principle and the quality policy of excellent quality and considerate service, and has obtained the trust and support of customers. H-section steel products are sold both inside and outside the province, and has established long-term stable strategic cooperative relations with some manufacturers, which has laid a strong guarantee for the long-term development of enterprises.

Hot-rolled H-beam steel structure, its scientific and reasonable structure, good plasticity and flexibility, high structural stability, suitable for bearing vibration and impact load of the building structure, strong ability to resist natural disasters, especially for some of the building structure of the earthquake belt. According to statistics, in the world more than 7 magnitude of devastating earthquake disaster, the h-shaped steel structure building is the least affected. The steel structure based on hot rolled H-beam has a high degree of industrial production, which is convenient for mechanical manufacturing and intensive production, with high precision, convenient installation and easy quality assurance. It can be built into a real house manufacturing factory, bridge manufacturing factory and industrial plant manufacturing factory. The development of steel structure has created and driven the development of hundreds of new industries.As a H section supplier we trust our product must be best choice and widely use. If you interested, welcome to contact with me.


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