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According to the details of the project and the personal packaging of individuals and companies, U-profiles produce the required sizes and dimensions through perforation and burr-free cutting on the required dimensions and shafts, and inkjet marking on the profiles on the superior technology production line. All points on the profile can be perforated by 3D profile drawings downloaded to our computer-controlled fully automatic high-capacity machine. They can be produced at maximum. Maximum length 16000 mm 4,00 mm-st52 hardness, maximum. 400 mm web measurement and maximum. 100 mm flange measurement.

U-profile products are the first choice for load-bearing or auxiliary components in industrial buildings and steel structures in the construction, steel structure, light steel structure, automation, power electronics, metal, energy and other industries. The profile uses the name of U profile, U purlin profile, U belt profile, roof profile, facade profile, light steel structure profile, steel structure profile, heavy steel structure profile, perforated U profile, rolled U profile, and special production. , Steel structure building profile, prefabricated building profile, special production U profile, prefabricated building profile, carcass profile, truss profile, steel roof profile, etc.

U-profiles are used as purlins, ropes and facade profiles in heavy-duty steel structure industrial buildings with heavy loads, and as load-bearing columns and beams in non-industrial steel structures (such as light steel structures, warehouses, hangars and barns) And roof trusses.

Depending on the project designed and drawn, covering and mechanical options can be applied to the material. The specification of the material can be hard or soft according to the load on it, and the thickness of the galvanized layer can be changed according to the required corrosion resistance, or if necessary, it can be painted on the hot-rolled sheet.

Due to its very high load-bearing capacity, U-profiles have a price and material advantage of up to 40% compared with structures produced with heavy steel materials. It also facilitates the production, procurement, transportation and assembly of steel structure buildings, making construction more reliable, faster and more affordable.

U profiles are more reliable and more suitable for roofs, beams or columns because they will not damage the parts. The steel structure system that is indispensable in developed countries is the most suitable building system, especially for earthquake-prone countries. In addition, they are the first choice because they are easy to carry, can add and remove parts, are environmentally friendly, and are recyclable.


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