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Our z section steel factory has more than ten years of experienced engineers and technical workers, have their own young z steel factory development team and sales team, z section steel plant to absorb advanced technology, innovation z steel makers variety, complete specification product quality, fair prices, well received by enterprise customers trust and z steel manufacturers and a leader in the industry in cold bending Cold bend section steel products are widely applied to smooth surface Appearance is beautiful Size, etc According to the market demand of Z steel manufacturers, to expand the site of factory, supporting reform step by step, combined with the actual situation, absorb advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, the development of new products and new technology, improve equipment level, continuously expand product variety, improve product quality Make full use of z-beam manufacturers rich production experience, production of large quantities of varieties of specifications, improve the competitiveness of Z-beam manufacturers in the market competition, under the premise of ensuring the quality of z-beam manufacturers, efforts to reduce costs, to achieve high quality. Z-shaped steel products are beautiful in appearance, uniform in specifications, simple in structure, strong and economical. They are rare steel products with high added value that are vigorously promoted and applied in China.

Galvanized Z steel product appearance and performance galvanized Z steel is a very important steel, is used in various occasions. So far, the number of steel sales in China, the proportion of galvanized Z-shaped steel accounted for about ten percent, and this value is still on a steady rise. When it comes to galvanized Z-section steel, people may not understand its internal performance and external image, usually, the thickness of galvanized Z-section steel is relatively thin, only between 1.6-3.0 mm. Although the thickness is relatively thin, it has been able to meet the needs of all kinds of steel. In addition, the height of most sections is between 12 and 35 centimeters. In this way, good performance can be guaranteed.

Z-shaped steel is commonly used cold formed thin-wall steel, its thickness is generally in 1.6~3.0mm, section height in 120~350mm, processing materials for hot rolling (paint) galvanized processing standard according to GB50018-2002 z-shaped steel is often used in large steel structure workshop processing length and hole is according to the processing requirements of the production

shaped steel is widely used in automobiles, railway vehicles, building doors, Windows, transportation shelves, electrical cabinets, highway guardrail, steel structure, container steel plate and scaffolding, solar support, shipbuilding bridge, transmission tower, steel sheet pile, cable bridge, agricultural machinery, furniture storage, guide rail, keel, steel shed, pipe support, municipal construction, etc

At present, the use of building materials is very extensive, in the construction process for the use of steel is essential, but for the types of steel is very much, what is the relationship between them and the difference.

One, Z steel and C steel Angle is not the same,C steel into 90 degrees and Z steel is less than 90 degrees, so a certain slope of the roof using purlins should be combined with the stress knowledge of considering the Angle of purlins, large slope using Z steel can make full use of its bending performance

Two,Compared with Z section, the mechanical properties of strong and weak shafts are different greatly, and the connection with the steel frame is mostly hinged by bolts, so the calculation should be considered as simple support. Therefore, the latter is more reasonable from the point of view of stress state, structure and calculation results. Therefore, in addition to the door and window openings and other special node processing needs, should give priority to the use of Z-shaped steel section.

Third, when the roof slope is small, the bending modulus of Z-type steel purlin is slightly greater than that of C-type steel purlin, but the difference is not big. When the roof slope increases, the utilization ratio of the bending modulus of Z-type purlin symmetrical in the vertical direction increases. Therefore, Z-purlin is suitable for the roof with a larger slope.

Four, for the wall, choose Z steel or C steel there is no big difference, if the purlin want to make continuous member, the best Z type purlin, because of its convenient lap.

We are a large z steel section manufacture in North China, with a strong sales team, for many years, cherish customers, moving customers is our service purpose, social virtue, integrity is our business philosophy. With the continuous development of the company, has become a well-known enterprise in the industry. The company has established a stable strategic partnership with major steel mills, operating various well-known manufacturers of profiles, building materials, plates, pipes and other metal materials, strong operating capital, standing inventory of 8000 tons, material field covers an area of 30,000 square meters, self-prepared line hanging three. We have a high-quality management team, rigorous material field management and mature distribution team, own more than ten distribution vehicles, and the national major logistics side by side to complete the integrated management, one-stop service mode.

he actual model specifications of this kind of raw materials on the market can reach more than 100 kinds of clinical diagnosis, and there are even a large number of them. People can produce and process such raw materials into satisfactory goods according to their own different requirements. It is worth mentioning that people now in addition to the characteristics of the rules, but also for the appearance of the raw material just after the end of production, the appearance looks smoother and brighter.

Our factory committed to the production of solar photovoltaic bracket Z steel Z steel galvanized Z steel hot dip galvanized Z steel cable bridge Z steel various specifications Z steel galvanized Z steel cold formed Z steel Hot dip galvanized Z-shaped steel and other sections, our factory has introduced ten hydraulic CNC automatic production equipment, and dozens of excellent technical personnel, to solve the solar photovoltaic support Z-shaped steel specifications are not fully formed poor hole location is not straight Angle is not good flatness and a series of problems.


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