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SINO GREEN-S325TI 325 Watt Solar Panel

Model Number: HiS-S325TI
STC Rating: 325.0 Watts
PTC Rating: 294.2
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Model Number HiS-S325TI
STC Rating325.0 Watts
PTC Rating294.2
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others

SINO GREEN Heavy IndustriesSINO GREEN solar panel reliability at a low price

SINO GREEN HiS-S325TI 325 Watt Solar Panel

72 SINO GREEN PERL monocrystalline solar cells in series

4mm² (12AWG) cables with weatherproof connectors

IP67 weatherproof junction box

3 bypass diodes to prevent power decrease by partial shade

The HiS-S325TI features an anodized aluminum frame

Made in SINO GREEN Heavy Industries' Factory in Korea

16.6% module efficiency.

SINO GREEN PERL LBSF solar cellSINO GREEN PERL solar cells use Local Back Surface Field (LBSF) technology on the back side.


Front : High transmission low-iron tempered glass

Encapsulant : EVA

Back Sheet : Weatherproof film

Frame: Clear anodized aluminum alloy type 6063

SINO GREEN PERL Solar Cell Benefits

PERL cells are high-efficient monocrystalline cells developed by SINO GREEN Heavy Industries which adopt LBSF (Local Back Surface Field) technology on the back side.

Front Shallow Emitter Structure

Enhanced short wavelength response

Passivation and Back Reflect Layer

Enhanced long wavelength response

Local Back Surface Field Structure

Minimization of back contact area

Thoroughly Tested by SINO GREEN

SINO GREEN solar panel field installation test SINO GREEN Field Installation Test

Performance Test

SINO GREEN Heavy Industries (HHI) conducts a maximum power, temperature coefficient, low irradiation, NOCT, field test in order to evaluate performance of SINO GREEN's solar panels.

Solar Simulator Test

Maximum Power Test

EL Test

Field Installation Test


Field Test for Roof

HHI solar panel field performance test SINO GREEN Field Performance Test

Field Performance Test

SINO GREEN conducts field performance tests at their factory in South Korea.

Module Aging Test / Inverter Motion Test

Generation Test Per Racking

Web Monitoring Test / Tracking System (Double Axis)

Tracking System / Fixed System

PV Tower System / Fixed System

thermal cycling chamber Thermal Cycling Chamber

Reliability Test

HHI conducts UV exposure, thermal cycling, humidity freeze, damp heat and pressure cooker tests to evaluate the reliability of their solar panels.

UV Exposure Test

Thermal Cycling Test

Thermal Cycling Chamber

Accelerated Aging Test

Damp Heat Test


SINO GREEN's High Reliability Test Standards

Reliability Test    IEC Standards    SINO GREEN Standards

UV Exposure Test    15kWh/m²    Long Term: 1,250kWh/m²

Desert Condition: 3,250kWh/m²

Thermal Cycling Test    TC 200 Cycles / HF 10 Cycles    TC 600 Cycles / HF 30 Cycles

Damp Heat Test    1,000 hours    3,000 hours


mechanical load test Mechanical Load Test

Safety Test

HHI Conducts insulation, wet leakage current, mechanical load, hail and hot spot endurance tests to evaluate the safety of their solar panels.

Wet Leakage Current Test

Hail Test

Hot Spot Endurance Test

Mechanical Load Test

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