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Sino Green 20M 20 Watt Class 1 Division 2 Solar Panel

Model Number: 20M
STC Rating: 20.0 W
Nominal Voltage: 12 V
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Model Number20M
STC Rating20.0 W
Nominal Voltage12 V
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others
Model Number 20M
STC Rating 20.0 W
Nominal Voltage 12 V
Open Circuit Voltage 22.1 V
Short Circuit Current 1.16 A
Frame Color Silver
Power Tolerance ± -10/+10%
Module Efficiency 9.5%
Weight 5.5 lbs.
Length 19.7"
Width 16.6"
Height 0.9"

Sino Green solar panels are designed for reliability

This line of modules is the direct result of over three decades of design, manufacturing and use. 

Sino Green attends to every detail in the design and manufacture of their products. 

Their process controls and testing methods have optimized module life and electrical energy production.

Sino Green 20M Mechanical Characteristics

Solar cells: 36 crystalline silicon cells in series

Front cover: High transmission 3.2mm (1/8th in) glass

Encapsulant: EVA

Back cover: White polyester

Frame: Silver anodized aluminum "multimount" type

Junction box: Lo-Pro junction box

Output cables: AWG#18 (0.75mm2) 2 core, ITC / PLTC jacketed

Cable Lengths: 15 ft. each (“+” red; “-” black)

Sino Green 20M Solar Panel Benefits

Easier bolt management

Bolts may be located anywhere along the channels; the channel groove is specially designed to 

prevent the bolt from rotating when tightening, allowing installation with just one wrench.

Long cable for easier batttery connections

A 15 ft. PVC-jacketed AWG 18-2 polarized cable is potted into the fully sealed junction box located on the module back. 

The module’s electrical connections are sealed for prevention against corrosion and moisture penetration.

Multiple mounting possibilities

Multimount frame allows even greater flexibility in mounting. Positioned parallel to the edge and back of the module, 

its dual channels accept either M8 or 5/16” hex-head bolts, allowing the module to be mounted from the side or back.

ISO 9001 Certified

ISO 9001 factory certification ensures that our manufacturing facilities use proven manufacturing and control processes.

Approval Listings and Qualifications:

Certified according to the extended version of the IEC 61215 (ed.2), EN 61215:2005-08 

(Crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic modules - Design qualification and type approval).

Certified according to IEC 61730-1 and IEC 61730-2 (ed.1), EN 61730-1:2007-05 and EN 61730-2:2007-05. 

(Photovoltaic module safety qualification, requirements for construction and testing).

Listed to UL 1703 & ULC ORD-C1703 Standard for Safety by Intertek ETL. 

Class C Fire Rating.

Approved by Intertek ETL according to FM 3611, Dec 2004, and according to CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 213-M1987, 

1st Edition, Reaffirmed 2004, for use in a Class I, Division 2, Group A, B, C, D Hazardous (Classified) Location.

Sino Green 20M Solar Panel Warranty

Free from defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years

90% Min power output for 12 years

25 year warranty optional

*Refer to limited warranty certificate for terms and conditions

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