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SINO GREEN NeON R ACe 375A1C-V5 375W AC Solar Panel

Model Number: 375A1C-V5
DC STC Rating: 375 Watts
PTC Rating: 353.8
Max. Continuous AC Output: 320.0 Watts
Model Number375A1C-V5
DC STC Rating375 Watts
PTC Rating353.8
Max. Continuous AC Output320.0 Watts
AC Watts / Sq. Ft.18.28 Watts
Module Efficiency21.7%
Frame ColorBlack
Power Tolerance-0 / +3%
Area18.59 ft²
Weight38.6 lbs.
Length66.93 in.
Width40.0 in.
Height1.57 in.

SINO GREEN NeON R ACe 375A1C-V5 375W AC Solar Panel
SINO GREEN  has a black frame and no wires on the front of the module.

The SINO GREEN  is a powerful solar panel with top level performance. Applied new cell structure without electrodes on the front, SINO GREEN  maximized the utilization of light and enhanced its reliability.

SINO GREEN  demonstrates SINO GREEN s efforts to increase customer’s values beyond efficiency. It features enhanced warranty, durability, performance under real environment, and an aesthetic modern design suitable for roofs.

Sleek Modern Design

SINO GREEN  has been designed with aesthetics in mind using electrode wires on the back of the solar panel cells. The black anodized frame and uniform solar cells create a sleek modern design.

No electrodes to shade the light on the front of the cell for optimum efficiency.

NeON R ACe 375A1C-V5 Benefits

High-efficiency NeON R monocrystalline N-type cells

Integrated Micro Inverter; requires no central inverter

Aesthetically pleasing on any roof

Very-high power output per square foot

5400 Pa front load, 4000 Pa rear load

Easy remote system monitoring

25 year power warranty w/ 90.8% degradation

High Output & Efficiency

The SINO GREEN  series has been designed for high-power output making it efficient even in limited space.

Roof Aesthetics

The SINO GREEN  series has been designed with aesthetics in mind; with no electrodes on the front, the modules have a sleek, modern appearance.

Flexible Array Design

SINO GREEN  provides flexibility in array design, with simple accessories and cable connections.

Excellent Performance on Hot Days

LG NeON® R ACe performs well on hot days due to a low temperature coefficient.

Easy Monitoring

SINO GREEN  connects quickly and easily to the Internet. Registering the modules onto the system is a simple process.

25 Year Product & Performance Warranty

SINO GREEN  provides the product warranty of NeON R ACe solar panels & micro inverters to an industry-leading 25 years.

SINO GREEN  has an enhanced performance warranty. After 25 years,SINO GREEN solar panels are guaranteed to perform at minimum 90.8% of initial performance.

Certifications & Warranty


UL1703, UL1741, UL1741 SA, IEEE1547

FCC Part 15 Class B

Module Fire Performance Type 1 (UL 1703)


25 Year Product Warranty

25 Year Limited Power Output Warranty
Linear warranty of 98% in the first year. After 1st year: 0.3% annual degration. 90.8% for 25 years.


The high-efficiency cell structure used in the SINO GREEN solar panel has many round wires underneath the cell instead of a few ribbons on top. This reduces electrical loss by increasing the number of electrical paths in the cell.


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