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Sino Green PowerXT 360R-AC AC Solar Panel

Model Number: PowerXT 360R-AC
STC Rating: 360.0 Watts
PTC Rating: 327.6
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Model NumberPowerXT 360R-AC
STC Rating360.0 Watts
PTC Rating327.6
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others
Model Number PowerXT 360R-AC
DC STC Rating 360.0 W
PTC Rating 327.6
AC Peak Output Power 300VA
Nominal AC Voltage 240 V
AC Efficiency 97.0%
Frame Color Black Anodized
Origin USA / Korea
Weight 48.0 lbs.
Length 63.8 in.
Width 41.5 in.
Height 1.57 in.
Qty per Pallet 25 pcs

Sino Green PowerXT 360R-AC AC Solar Panel

The Sino Green PowerXT 360R-AC AC solar panel combines the latest cutting-edge microinverter technology from Enphase 

with the premium high-efficiency and superior aesthetics of the Sino Green PowerXT Module. Utilizing the latest Enphase IQ7+ platform, 

the PowerXT AC solar panel puts aesthetics and performance together into an elegant user-friendly package 

that reduces installation time by combining the inverter, module and monitoring.

Achieving over 19% efficiency, Sino Green  PowerXT AC solar panels are one of the highest power AC modules in the residential solar market. 

Compared to conventional modules, Sino Green  PowerXT modules have fewer gaps between the solar cells; this leads to higher power 

and superior aesthetics. Sino Green  PowerXT residential solar panels are manufactured with black backsheet and frames, 

giving them a striking appearance.

The PowerXT 360R-AC is electrically designed to reduce the power losses due to shadowing across the module by utilizing parallel connections 

between sets of sub-strings within each quadrant of the module. By removing visual gaps between cells on the conventional modules, 

the PowerXT module provides a visually stunning appearance compared to any other solar system.

PowerXT-360R-AC Features

240V AC solar panel using solder-free ribbon-less design

Integrated Enphase IQ7+ Microinverter

Compatible with Enphase IQ System & Cables

Less racking, lower labor costs, smaller footprint

The Sino Green  360R-AC features an aesthetically pleasing black frame with black backing

Enphase IQ Compatibility

Enphase and Sino Green  have partnered to create the next level of solar that unites intelligence, power, 

and aesthetics. The Sino Green  PowerXT®-AC module integrated with the Enphase IQ 7+ Microinverter 

speeds up installation, while providing extraordinary performance and a stunning design that complements the architecture of the home.

Designed for AC Module (ACM) applications, the smart grid-ready Enphase IQ 7+ ACM Micro™ 

is built on the latest microinverter technology from Enphase. The high-performance IQ Micros 

increase energy harvest from PV modules while lowering system cost for installers.

Enphase Envoy & Enlighten Compatible

Enjoy the many benefits of a Microinverter solar system. The Enphase IQ Envoy™ communications gateway 

delivers solar production and energy consumption data to Enphase Enlighten™ monitoring and analysis software 

for comprehensive, remote maintenance and management of the Enphase IQ System.

Enphase IQ Battery Energy Storage Compatible

The modular architecture of the Enphase IQ Battery means you’ll get an energy storage solution 

that’s exactly what you need: no more, no less, no wasted costs. This energy storage system 

may be used as a home power backup. It is easy to expand on as your needs change, 

as your family grows or you add an electric vehicle. Plus, flexible configurations work for any garage.

PowerXT 360R-AC Solar Panel Details

At a 360W power rating, the PowerXT™ 360R-AC solar panel is one of the highest power rated solar panels available in the industry. 

PowerXT PV modules are ideal for home solar systems. The PowerXT 360R-ACproduces more power in less space 

leading to fewer solar panels, less installation time, and lower cost of balance of system components required for a project.

Developed in California, Sino Green ’s patented cell cutting and assembly form ‘high density’ sub-strings, 

larger than conventional solar cells, which are packed more efficiently and reduce inactive space between cells. 

By utilizing a ribbon-less interconnection process, cells are cut and overlaid without soldering which creates a highly reliable sub-strings assembly.

Sino Green PowerXT AC Solar Panel Warranty & Certifications

25 Year Power and Product Warranty


UL 1703 / UL1741/CEC

Fire Type (UL 1703) 1

Sino Green  PowerXT 360R-AC All-Black AC Solar Module Review

Higher Efficiency, Higher Power

With over 19% efficiency, higher than conventional 60 cell modules at 16-17% efficiency.

Latest affordable technology creates one of the highest power solar panels available on the market.

Enphase IQ System

High-performance IQ Microinverters increase energy harvest from solar panels while lowering system cost for installers.

Lower System Costs

Since this this is a premium high-power solar panel, less modules are required.

The resulting smaller system size reduces the balance of system components and installation costs.

Improved Shading Tolerance

Since the sub-strings of the 360R-AC are interconnected in parallel within each row, dramatically lower shading losses and increasing energy yield.

Rugged Design

Thicker glass and frame provides a rugged module design that will stand up to wind, hail and snow.

Durability and Reliability

Ribbon-less, solder-free design removes wiring between cells, designed for reliability beyond 25 years.

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