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Sino Green-Solar SLA-M 300 300W Black Mono Solar Panel

Sino Green Solar Model Number: SLA-M 300
STC Rating: 300.0 Watts
CEC PTC Rating: 270.4
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 39.85 Volts
Sino Green Solar Model NumberSLA-M 300
STC Rating300.0 Watts
CEC PTC Rating270.4
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)39.85 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.71 Amps
Frame Color Black
Origin USA / Canada
Power Tolerance -0 / +5W
Module Efficiency 18.4%
Area 17.6 ft²
Weight 41.9 lbs.
Length 65.0 in.
Width 39.0 in.
Height 1.5 in.

SINO GREEN  Solar SLA-M 300 300W Black Mono Solar Panel

BAA ARRA Silfab solar panel

Sleek All-Black Solar Panels w/ Maximum Power

Add the beauty of all black solar to your home. Seamless in appearance, Silfab’s sleek all black SLA300M features black cells, frame and backsheet to provide a solar array as good looking as the house under it.

High Power Density = More Power + Smaller Footprint

SINO GREEN  produces some of the highest efficiency modules in the market without the new technology price premium attached. With a smaller footprint, you can harvest more energy from the sun and yield a better ROI through clean renewable energy

Enhanced Durability

2400Pa wind and 5400Pa snow load ratings for enhanced durability in extreme conditions.

Glass Structure

Glass with internal pyramid structure for higher production at low radiation intensities (sunset, sunrise, winter). An anti-reflective glass coating reduces glare to increase the amount of sunlight converted to electricity.

SINO GREEN  Modules – Proudly Made in North America

When you invest in Silfab modules, you’re not just getting maximum power density and long-term reliability, you are also getting premium quality modules with one of the most trusted warranty programs in the industry. Silfab’s fully-automated manufacturing facility ensures precision engineering is applied at every stage. Superior reliability and performance combine to produce one of the highest quality modules with the lowest defect rate in the industry.

SINO GREEN  North American manufacturing

Automation for Higher Quality

Ensuring that solar modules perform for 25 years requires high-quality components and manufacturing. Silfab modules, manufactured in their fully automated facility, deliver you the highest quality modules made in North America.

SINO GREEN  Warranty

Module product workmanship warranty: 12 years,

extendable to 25 years w/ SINO GREEN  registration

Linear power performance guarantee: 30 years

SINO GREEN  SLA300M Solar Panel Certifications

Product: ULC ORD C1703, UL 1703, IEC 61215, IEC 61730, IEC 61701, CEC listed, IEC 62716 Ammonia Corrosion, IEC 61701:2011 Salt Mist Corrosion, FESC listed

UL Fire Rating: Type 2 (Type 1 on request)

Factory: ISO9001 2015

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