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Angle Adjustable Tilt Solar Racking System is specially designed for easy installation of solar panel to tilt a certain angle with the roof. The mounting system design provides a strong and sturdy support for solar modules, it can be a fixed angle or adjustable such as 10~15 degree, 15-30 degree and 30-60 degree for your requirement. Using our innovative Rail and pre-assembled components like tilt-in T module, clamp kit and highly pre-assembled tilt leg, This Metal Adjustable Tilt Solar Mounting makes the installation easy and quick to save your labor cost and time.


Install site: Low profile Roof or flat roof

Tilt Angle: 10-60 degree

Building Height: 20 m

Max Wind Speed: <60m/s

Snow Load: <1.4KN/m2Standard: AS/NZS 1170 and other international Standard 

Material : High Class Aluminum alloy AI6005-T5& Stainless steel 304

Anticorrosive: Anodized aluminum & stainless steel

Color: Natural and Customized

Warranty: Ten years warranty and twenty years' service life


1,Fast Installation

The tilt-in T module can be put into the extruded rail from the any location and can be highly pre-assembled with the clamp and tilt leg to ensure a fast and easy installation process.

2, Flexible Application

With adjustable tilt angles from 10°-60° this mounting system can easily tilt a ideal certain angle with roof, it provides excellent adaptability not only to a wide range of flat roof PV mounting projects but also some sloped roof solar mounting projects.

3, Economical

The mounting structure is a cost effective mounting solution. The quantity of components can be required and sold according to project specific calculations. The various components can be kept in stock to shorten time between planning and installation.

4, Long lifespan

All mounting structural components are made of high class stainless steel and anodized aluminum alloy, their high resistance to corrosion and they are designed for twenty-year service life and backed by ten years warranty. We engineer and design Solar Racking/Mounting Hardware for specific solar projects, there may not list all the details of racking in the web,therefore,please don't hesitate to contact us for more details for your specific projects.

Adjustable Tilt Flat Roof Mounting System

The Adjustable tilt flat roof mounting system can be set at a tilt angle from 10' to 60", which has great flexibility and can help to get the maximum solar power output.

The Adjustable tilt flat roof mounting system will easily fit different flat roof or open terrain applications, due to its variable tilt angle and footing options for both roof clamp and roof penetration. Elevation can be used as fixed tilt or adjustable tilt, allow project-specific adjustments and optimize solar power output. The innovative design and high pre-assembly eliminate the need for on-site cutting, welding and enables quick and easy PV module installation.

Adjustable Multi-Piece Solar Panel Mounting Brackets has the capability to fit 1-4 pieces of different size panels or other brands standard panels. It's ideal for larger installations, such as ground, flat roof, cabins and backyard sheds. Anywhere roof mounting is not a possibility, this solar panel mount can be applied. Galvanized Steel construction, sturdy and durable. Three-legged structure make mounting steady. You can put battery, controller, inverter at backside of the mounting system. It can save lots of room and use solar power system easier. Adjustable angle from 18° to 30° degree, right angle for best solar power. Fixed on ground resistant wind and rain, well protect solar panel and easy to clean. The Multi-Panel Mount is compatible with the ECO-WORTHY 100W monocry stalline, 120W monocry stalline and 195W solar panels.

Angle Manually Adjustable Ground Mounting System is allow just one person to manually adjust tilt angle to certain degrees easily. It is easy and cost-effective ground mounting systems, just take 1-2 minutes to finish angle adjustment. This mounting systems can increase the power output up to 15%. directly increase your return on your investment.

Technical Information:

Install Site:Open Ground/Flat Roof

Panel Orientation:Landscape or Portrait

Adjustable Angle:0°-30°Material of rack:AL6005-T5 and SUS304

Adjusting Torque:<10 N.mMax Wind Load:60 m/s

Foundation:Concrete or Ground Screw

Standard:JIS C8955/C8956-2017,GB 50009-2012,AS/NZS 1170,Euro Code 8,DIN 1055,IBC 2006.


Competitive Prices Per Watt.

One Minute to Complete Angle Adjustment.

One Person Can Do The Tilt Angle Adjustment

Increase 15% Power Generation

Easily to Remove Snow

Product Highlights

 Mount up to a 120 Watt solar panel

 Solar panel mounting angle is user adjustable

All mounting hardware for assembly included

Anodized aluminum construction

 Stainless steel mounting hardware for assembly included. Fasteners for attaching solar panel to mount a included 2 year warranty

What's Included

Adjustable mounting frame and fasteners (see photos above)> No solar panel is included with your purchase

Solar First adjustable mounting system is designed for residential and commercial applications. We design the clamps according to the rooftop shape and size to make sure enables surprisingly quick and easy installation for most types of roof. Outstanding quality of stainless steel and aluminum ensure the most durable brackets.

Polar Racking offers custom-designed solar carport mounting solutions for all types of parking lots. This includes single and double-row carport configurations.

Installing this type of solar carport system visibly displays an obvious commitment to sustainability, positive contribution to the community and genuine concern for the environment, all while generating power that will make or save money.

Solar PV carports for projects of all sizes.

Choose from a wide variety of configurations to best meet your project requirements.

Key specifications:

Robust design – perfect to areas with heavy wind, snow or rain

Multiple configuration options

Waterproof solutions including gutters and down spouts available

Snow guards and multiple paint options

Perfect for EV charging stations

Installation services available

What is a Solar Carport?

A solar carport is a system of solar canopies which covers parking areas for residential, commercial and industrial use. Polar Racking offers carport solutions that can shield entire commercial parking lots or for very small sections within a parking lot. Before long, solar carports will be present in most, if not every, parking lot.

By installing a solar carport, owners have the benefit of generating power in an easily accessible, pre-owned area to power their existing operations or to produce additional revenue by selling power back into the grid. Solar carports offer the additional advantage of protecting cars from outdoor elements, which can be especially appealing to car dealerships. Learn more about solar carport benefits.

Long Span Solar Carport

Polar Racking offers long span solar carport solutions to cover large parking lot areas, maximizing their use. Long span carports work great for double-row parking areas in car dealerships, schools, hospitals, retail shops, condos, and apartment complexes.

These carports also come with customizable options, including EV charging stations, lighting, waterproof roofing, downspouts and gutters, and hot-dip galvanization. This includes your choice of wet paint or powder coating with any available color to provide extra protection, or to simply match your brand’s color palette.

For more details, to request a consultation with a specialist, or to get a quote, please complete and return the form below with a few details about your business.


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