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Rooftop Solar mounting system water heaters mainly heat the water source by absorbing the light and heat of the sun, and then supply our daily life. So in order for the solar water heater to work properly, the solar water heater must be installed on the roof. However, the installation of rooftop solar energy also needs to pay attention to some problems. The following editor will introduce the installation methods and precautions of rooftop solar water heaters for you.

  solar water heaters

Transportation and placement: When installing a solar water heater, it should be handled with care. The solar water heater should be placed in a sunny place and placed flat. It should be firmly connected to the roof with No. 8 iron wire or expansion screw or cement, and a hard object should be placed under the bracket.

Exhaust port: It is strictly forbidden to block the exhaust port. The tee should be installed first, and the upper port of the tee can only be connected to an exhaust pipe with a height of 200mm, and must not be directly connected to any pipe. Otherwise, the water tank may swell or collapse due to poor ventilation. The lower port of the tee is connected to overflow and flow pipes.

Vacuum tube: The front and rear brackets are connected with barrel supports and ties (stainless steel square tube brackets have stainless steel connecting pieces for tightening). Place the water tank on the bucket holder, pay attention to the fact that the vacuum tube hole of the water tank corresponds to the bottom bracket box of the bracket, and put the ABS plastic bracket into the hole of the bottom bracket box, and put the decorative dustproof rubber ring with water on the vacuum tube, at the outer seal of the vacuum tube. Apply dish soap as lubricant and insert water into the inner hole of the water tank. After all the vacuum tubes are inserted, adjust the angle of the water tank slightly. Then tighten the screws and insert the bottom of the vacuum tube back into the corresponding ABS bracket.

Water pipe: When the inlet and outlet pipes are connected to the fittings, it is enough that there is no water leakage, and do not forcefully screw the inlet and outlet pipes. To connect the upper and lower water pipes, try to use special composite pipes or glued pipes to reduce heat loss: the pipes should be insulated with thermal insulation materials, and the upper and lower water pipes should be fixed on the support building. The internal temperature of the vacuum tube can reach more than 250 degrees after emptying. At this time, it is easy to blow the vacuum tube with cold water, so special attention should be paid to it.

  solar water heaters

Fill the vacuum tube with water, and fill it with water immediately after inserting it all. The vacuum tube was covered for 3 hours, and water was added after the temperature in the tube dropped. The first time on the water is in the evening (night) (2 hours after the sun sets in summer). If the tap water pressure is insufficient, please assemble the booster pump by yourself. The installation of water heaters is a high-altitude operation, and you must pay attention to personal safety. Before installation, please read the installation manual carefully, operate in strict accordance with the manual, or ask professionals to install.

  solar water heaters

The above are some steps and precautions for the installation of rooftop solar water heaters introduced by the editor of IT Encyclopedia. I hope the above introduction can be helpful to your life. If you are going to install a solar water heater, you can install it by referring to the method described above. Only by mastering the correct installation methods and precautions, we will use it comfortably, and our life will be comfortable and beautiful.

Solar power can be installed on the roof of the villa.

The energy of solar energy is the energy from celestial bodies outside the earth (mainly solar energy), which is the huge energy released by the fusion of hydrogen nuclei in the sun at ultra-high temperature. Most of the energy needed by human beings comes directly or indirectly from the sun. Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas that we need for our lives are all formed by the plants and animals buried in the ground after a long period of geological time. In addition, water energy, wind energy, wave energy, ocean current energy, etc. are also converted from solar energy.

When installing home photovoltaic power generation on the roof, it is required that there is no large area around the roof. If there are tall buildings or tall trees in the east, south and west of the installed roof, attention should be paid during installation. The inclination angle and the movement trajectory of the sun in one day can be used to judge whether it can be installed, or how many squares can be installed to avoid shadows.2. If you plan to install the roof of home photovoltaic power generation, you must have your own property rights, such as the roof of your hometown or your own villa. If the house is rented, it is necessary to sign an agreement with the landlord to build a photovoltaic system.The methods of installing photovoltaic modules on different roofs are also different. Common installation methods include additional type, ballast type and pile foundation type.

If the carport solar mounting system belongs to the color steel tile type, the additional type is generally considered, and the components are directly tiled on the color steel tile. Especially, the general color steel tile roof does not have a parapet, and the tiled type has the best windproof effect and is the safest; In addition, the color steel tile roof also has a certain inclination angle. Although it may not be the best inclination angle corresponding to photovoltaic power generation, the transformation cost brought by increasing the inclination angle also needs to be considered comprehensively.

For cement roofs, which are usually flat, the common installation methods are ballast type and concrete foundation pile foundation type, as shown in the picture above.Many times, building owners are not allowed to drill holes in concrete flat roofs, on the one hand, they are worried about the strength of the old building, or do not want to change the waterproof performance of the roof. This is why ballast type or concrete foundation installations are chosen.

Since the ballast type has no anchor connection with the roof, windproof treatment can be considered on the side, especially for the cement roof without parapet.

The main purpose of the concrete base is to ensure that the support system remains intact even during stormy seasons. It guarantees a good installation without causing leaks in the roof, and also increases the efficiency of the solar modules and reduces the shielding of the sun by the parapet.


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