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Solar Panel Mounting use solar cells to absorb the sun's rays and convert that energy into electricity. The system allows homes to generate electricity in a clean, reliable, and calm way, thereby recouping some of their future electricity costs and reducing their reliance on the grid.

Type of Solar Panel

Currently there are three basic forms of photovoltaic modules: monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon and thin film. These types of cells work well, but monocrystalline silicon cells are the most efficient. Thin-film batteries feature low cost and are increasingly efficient as solar panels evolve. More and more manufacturers and a variety of battery models appear on the market today. An advocate of solar technology can help you analyze the pros and cons of each system, so you can have the best system design that you can use for decades.

Introduction to solar panel power generation

Photovoltaic power generation is mainly composed of three parts: solar panel module, controller, inverter.

Solar panels play a central role as a bridge between light and electricity. A solar cell is a device that converts solar energy into electricity directly due to the photogenerating volt effect. It is a semiconductor photodiode. When the sun shines on the photodiode, the photodiode will convert the sun's light energy into electricity and generate an electric current. When many cells are connected in series or parallel, a solar array with relatively large output power can be formed.

Solar panel modules collect light, solar energy, and convert it into electricity, which is then transmitted to electrical equipment through solar controllers and inverters.

It can also be said that solar photovoltaic technology is to convert solar energy into electricity technology, its core is a semiconductor material that can release electrons. The most common semiconductor material is silicon. The earth's crust is rich in silicon, which can be said to be inexhaustible. Solar photovoltaic cells have two layers of semiconductors

- The layer is positive and the layer is negative. When sunlight strikes a semiconductor, an electric current is generated at the junction between the two poles. The stronger the sunlight, the stronger the current. Solar photovoltaic systems operate not only in strong sunlight, but also on cloudy days.

The electric energy generated by the photovoltaic power generation system can be used immediately, and can also be stored with storage batteries and other energy storage devices, which can be released at any time according to the need for use. It is very practical and convenient.

How does the Solar Panel Systems work

Solar panels are usually mounted on the top of buildings and channeled into them by inverters. The inverter converts the direct current generated by the solar panels into alternating current. Solar panels face south to maximize energy collection, and most are positioned at a 60-degree Angle from the top of the building.

Kinds of steel profiles

We can produce kinds of steel profiles, such as galvanized steel profiles, stainless steel profiles and the structural steel profiles.

flat roof solar panel mounting system

Solar panels are flat panels that capture sunlight. They come in arrays on top of buildings or columns. They are traditional forms of arrays used to capture solar energy. Given their freestanding design, solar panels are ideal for home improvement and retrofit use.

Increasingly, however, solar cells are incorporated into building components like Windows, walls, or roof tiles. Generally speaking, the common installation methods are flat roof solar mounting system. This effect provides a seamless integration with the building design, as the integrated components of the photovoltaic building are themselves hidden on the surface of the house. Optoelectronic integration products are particularly good for new residential buildings or efficient retrofit operations. Because integrated photovoltaic building panels are used for both photovoltaics and thermal energy harvesting, designers often place the two technology panels side-by-side to achieve maximum efficiency at a deeper level.

Development of solar panels

With the continuous research and technological innovation of solar energy technology, as well as the development of better solar panels, more and more people began to use solar energy as an alternative new energy. And because solar panels offer flexibility, low maintenance, reliability, and high efficiency, more and more people are expected to use them in homes, offices, and other buildings. Building users struggling to find other ways to reduce their electricity bills have adopted solar power as their alternative energy source, and some users are using more integrated solar panel designs in their buildings to make them even more attractive. Some manufacturers are adapting to the needs of their customers by designing solar panels based on their roofs.

The current situation and the future photovoltaic power generation

Every revolution in the world are closely related with energy. As

the global economic and the world population development requires more energy to meet the needs of the development of economy and population. But oil, coal and other non-renewable energy reserves, new energy is dwindling in exploration stage, plus fossil energy exploitation improper, will cause the energy crisis. This paper summarizes the current status quo, the global energy for power and solar power, and in recent years the ease of solar photovoltaic power generation of state strongly support, showed the importance of photovoltaic power generation with good prospect, introduces in detail the monocrystalline silicon solar energy cell production process and production process, discusses the nanometric simultaneously on the solar panels production process and solar energy components processing flow description, and the future was prospected in solar power.

Current situation of solar panels at home and abroad

According to the analysis of the world's energy authority, the world's proven reserves and exploitation of major fossil fuels are not optimistic. The remaining recoverable life of oil is only 41 years, accounting for 40.5% of the world's total energy consumption annually. The remaining recoverable life of natural gas is 61.9 years, accounting for 24.10% of the total energy consumption in the world. The remaining recoverable life of coal is 230 years, accounting for 25.2% of the world's total energy consumption annually. There is also water power, which accounts for 2.6% of the world's total annual energy consumption.

Traditional fuel energy is decreasing day by day, the energy problem has become a global problem that can not be ignored. Looking for new energy has become a top priority. Soon people will focus on the renewable energy around, wind, solar, geothermal, biological power generation, these new energy have become a new target to replace the traditional one-time energy. The daily abundant solar radiation energy is inexhaustible, pollution-free and cheap, which is the energy that human beings can use freely. Cheng Force is the best choice first brought into people's vision. The energy of solar energy reaching the ground every second is as high as 800,000 kilowatts. If 0.1% of the solar energy on the earth's surface is converted into electricity with a conversion rate of 5%, the annual power generation can reach 5.6× 10.12 million kilowatt hours, equivalent to about 40 times of the current energy consumption in the world. China is one of the countries with abundant solar energy resources. China has a desert area of 1.08 million square kilometers, mainly distributed in the northwestern region rich in light resources. An area of one square kilometer can be installed with 100 MEGAwatt photovoltaic arrays, generating 150 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually. If one percent of the desert is developed and utilized, it can generate electricity consumption equivalent to that of The whole year of 2003. At present, in the north of China, coastal areas and many other areas, the annual sunshine amount is more than 2,000 hours, Hainan is more than 2,400 hours, is worthy of the name of the solar energy resources.

Sino Green New Energy Technology

In the year 2021, China has joined the goal of the peak of carbon dioxide emission in 2030, carbon neutrality in 2060. After that China will enter a new era of renewable new energy, China will do the part of duty for the world of green.

Sino Green is a leading entity with a great capacity for design and installation, with years of experiences, company is based in China,however, with more than 100 projects in Japan, UAE, USA, Africa, and in 30 different countries. In many countries, but Sino Green has set footsteps in Africa for its vast power shortage and abundant sunlight, to serve the customer with various energy needs,which all backed up up by the great effort from members of science and technology, service team and vast experiences. We are the c channel steel suppliers, we can produce steel u profiles too, we are the best solar panel mounting system Manufacturer.


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