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Roof cultures vary worldwide. In some cases “bottom-fixing” is the common culture. In others “top-fixing” is the only acceptable practice. SINO GREEN manufactures various metal roof brackets to ensure the best attachment solution for your application. For example:  c purlins for sale, square solar tube. Choosing the correct load-tested bracket for your specific roof type, gauge, material and roof culture is made easy on these pages.

You can have peace of mind knowing our product designs will outlive the life of your roof. All seals, gasketing and part designs are industry standard and state-of-the-art. These are the same sealant/gasket chemistries used within the metal roofing industry for weather integrity of the roof itself and proven over the past 50 years.

Metallurgical compatibility to the roof is assured. Our goal is for you to have the best solution at the lowest possible cost for your specific application without compromising roof integrity.

  Our metal roof brackets are specifically designed for exposed-fastened, trapezoidal-rib and corrugated roofing profiles. They use two to four fasteners for attachment and some are mounted in the high (above the water plane); others in the low. Use our Exposed-fastened metal roof brackets to mount solar modules, snow guards, HVAC, satellite dishes, roof walkways, wind uplift enhancements, lightning protection, signage, pipes, conduit, fall protection, module-level power electronics and more.

Brackets that attach to “sheet-only” include attachment screws.

For brackets that attach to the structure, we offer metal-to-metal and metal-to-wood screws

When attaching above the water plane we use EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene monomer). Many of these attachments are “sheet-only” enabling more versatile placement on the roof.

When attaching at the water plane, we use butyl crosslinked (poly-isobutylene-isoprene) polymer and always through to the structure. All part designs incorporate features that protect the seals from U.V. degradation and over-compression from installation and service loads.

To ensure the products tested are truly the products sold and shipped, traceability, transparency and certified manufacturing are essential. We only use certified material, certified testing and certified production in our own ISO 9001:15 manufacturing facility. Regular ISO inspection/auditing ensures the quality control system performs as advertised.

We stand behind our industry-leading warranties, endorsements, track record and customer service satisfaction - giving you the confidence that we offer “the right way!” to mount to your metal roof.

Innovative Fastening Technology

S-5! Exposed-Fastened metal roof brackets feature two or four fasteners for attachment, depending on project load requirements.

SINO GREEN screws are specifically designed for our parts and applications. They are different from any “off-the-shelf” fastener and our load testing is contingent on their specific use. Only use genuine our screws to preserve warranty and ensure the best quality. Purchase screws from your authorized our Distributor or directly from Sino Green.

S-5! self-piercing screws:

Maximize thread engagement

Avoid creating swarf which can rust and stain the roof as normal drill-screws do

Maximize stripping torque, shear, and withdrawal strength – providing up to 10 times greater tested holding capacity than top-down attachments from other sources

Utilize state-of-the-art sealing washers

Utilize stainless steel on all exposed surfaces

This eliminates We Only Use Chemically and Mechanically-Certified Raw Material

Certified quality begins with certified raw material, followed by certified manufacturing, and finally certified testing for holding strength and other product characteristics.

SINO GREEN Metal roof brackets use non-corrosive materials and are metallurgically-compatible with common roof materials - titanium-zinc, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, galvanized steel, Made from 6000 Series AL with 300 Series SS Hardware

All fasteners feature either a stainless steel or zinc-aluminum cap with EPDM washer

Different specific alloys of these materials have varying characteristics that affect tested holding strength and corrosion resistance. Unless the raw material is certified, it is not possible to ensure the consistency of the strength and corrosion-resistive characteristics of the finished product.

 capillary eLifetime Material & Workmanship Warranty

Because we utilize all certified procedures in raw material, testing and manufacturing, we are able to offer a Limited LIFETIME Materials and Workmanship warranty on all of our components.

Warranty language should back up sales claims in writing! At our company, we offer the most comprehensive product warranty in the business.

Our LIFETIME Warranty is offered on all our products, and is cost-free. It says that our clamps are true to our advertised claims and free of any defect in material or manufacture for the life of the roof. Often a warranty of this type uses “escapes”, like “...IF in the sole discretion of the manufacturer…” and “...claimant must pay all shipping and handling charges…”

There are no “ifs”, “ands” or “buts” in our warranty language. If we screw it up, we replace it - period!

Rigorous & Accredited Laboratory Testing

It is impossible to properly engineer exposed-fastened metal roof brackets without knowing its holding strength capacity. To be of any real value, load testing of a bracket has to be specific to the material to which the bracket is attached and to the bracket design itself. Different dimensions and gauge thicknesses of roof materials are available in the marketplace. Due to these variables, they can have different holding capacities.

We have performed a plethora of load tests on different roof profiles, materials, gauges, and substrates.

We perform negative load normal-to-seam testing (pull-up) and parallel-to-seam testing (drag load). Results are published on our website.

2,000 hours of salt-fog testing is conducted on Sino green components according to ASTM B117-19.

All exposed-fastener brackets and screws are tested for waterproofing via ASTM E2140.

Sino green exposed-fastened metal roof brackets were invented by a contractor and metal roof consultant, so they are designed with the installer in mind to reduce the amount of time spent on the roof and to increase field efficiency. All systems can be retrofitted to existing roofs or incorporated into new roof design with common tools. The instruction and process is easy enough for a DIY’er to follow.n Our bracket seals are leak-tested to the most demandin


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