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Technical background

With the rapid development of photovoltaic power generation and the continuous improvement of popular environmental awareness, more and more people choose to install small photovoltaic system.


For photovoltaic modules, the installation angle of photovoltaic modules is adjusted according to the solar height angle of different seasons and different times of a day to ensure that photovoltaic modules can receive the maximum intensity of solar radiation, which can significantly improve the power generation of photovoltaic modules and increase revenue. 


However, due to the complex structure and high installation and use cost, photovoltaic system is usually used in large-scale photovoltaic system; in small-scale photovoltaic system, there is no economic advantage at all, and its structure is complex, operation and maintenance are difficult, and the user requirements are high, while some non electric tracking devices in the existing technology also have complex structure, which is inconvenient for production, manufacturing and installation. Well, for quality C profile solar panel brackets, you may refer to our products page.


Therefore, the patent provides a photovoltaic tracking system with simple structure, low cost and simple operation, which is suitable for small photovoltaic system.


Mechanism principle

The simple solar support comprises a base, a bearing part for supporting the photovoltaic module and an adjusting part for adjusting the angle of the bearing part relative to the base. The angle of the bearing part relative to the base can be adjusted through the adjustment of the adjusting part, so that the angle of the photovoltaic module can be adjusted according to different seasons and different periods of a day.


In order to achieve the above purpose, one end of the bearing part is hinged on the base and can rotate relative to the base, and the two ends of the adjusting part are respectively fixed on the base and the bearing part to realize the fixation of the relative angle of the bearing part and the base.


In addition to the fixing hole, the sliding groove can be used to move and fix along the length direction of the base, and the limit convex structure can be used to fix at different positions along the length direction of the base.


Patent advantage

Through simple mechanical connection, the angle adjustment of photovoltaic module can be realized. The structure is simple, the installation cost is low, and there is no special requirement for users. It is conducive to the promotion and application of small photovoltaic system, the improvement of power generation, and the rapid cost recovery of solar tracking support. And through the three parts of the bearing part, the base and the adjusting part to realize the triangle connection, the stability of the sun tracking support is high.


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