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(RenewableEnergyWorld) The "Five Trends Reshaping Today's Global Electricity Market" (hereinafter referred to as "Five Trends") released recently that in the past ten years, technological progress, structural market changes, regulatory intervention and political influence have contributed to global power market capital Integration and market rules are constantly changing. At present, the reshaping of the power market is highlighting five major trends: real-time renewable energy market, more reliance on algorithmic and programmatic trading in the power market, continued liberalization of the power market, increasing and more complex consumers in the power market, and continuous battery storage progress.

Renewable energy accelerates real-time trading

According to a report released by the International Energy Agency in 2019, renewable energy will grow at a rate of 50% from 2019 to 2024. In response, the "Five Major Trends" pointed out that the intermittent nature of renewable energy will bring the electricity market closer to the real-time intraday trading market and increase cross-border transactions. At the same time, intermittent means that the grid needs to address energy shortages to maintain grid frequency, so renewable energy will continue to face investment challenges. In order to maintain stability, the power grid will price incremental resources such as gas turbines, which will lead to increased price volatility in the market.

"Five Trends" also believes that algorithmic trading and programmatic trading will affect the rapidly changing electricity market. As the electricity market gets closer to real-time, traders will face new challenges when dealing with the massively increased data points and information.

Regarding the real-time renewable energy market and the use of algorithmic trading and programmatic trading, experts in the industry believe that China's renewable energy share in the entire energy structure is still low, and these two trends are not yet obvious. The expert said that if China's renewable energy ratio increases in the future, it will have a greater impact on the power grid. By then, real-time and algorithmic trading will solve the grid cost problem and allocate resources quickly and efficiently.

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