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Cast in place reinforced concrete foundation

According to different foundation forms, cast-in-place reinforced concrete foundation can be divided into cast-in-place concrete pile and cast anchor bolt.

Advantages: the amount of earth excavation for cast-in-place reinforced concrete foundation is small, the amount of concrete reinforcement is small, the cost is low, and the construction speed is fast.

Disadvantages: the construction of cast-in-place reinforced concrete foundation is easy to be limited by season, weather and other environmental factors, and the construction requirements are high. Once completed, it can not be adjusted. 

Independent and strip concrete foundation

Advantages: the independent and strip-shaped concrete foundation adopts reinforced expansion foundation, with simple construction method, strong geological adaptability and relatively shallow buried depth.

Disadvantages: large quantities of independent and strip-shaped concrete foundation, more labor required, large quantities of earth excavation and backfilling, long construction period, and great damage to the environment.

Precast concrete hollow column foundation

Precast concrete hollow column foundation is widely used in hydropower stations with poor geological conditions, such as water light complementary power stations and tidal power stations. At the same time, because of the advantage of foundation height, it is also widely used in mountain power station and agricultural optical complementary power station.

Ground power station - metal pile support

The metal pile support is also widely used in ground power station, which can be divided into spiral pile foundation support and impact pile foundation support.

Spiral pile foundation support

According to the flange, the spiral pile support can be divided into spiral pile support with flange and spiral pile support without Faraday disk; according to the shape of cotyledon, it can be divided into narrow leaf continuous spiral pile support and wide leaf interval spiral pile support.

Screw pile with flange plate can be used for single column installation or double column installation, while screw pile without flange plate is generally only used for double column installation.

The tensile strength of the wide leaf interval type spiral pile support is better than that of the narrow leaf continuous type spiral pile support.

Foundation support of impact pile

Impact pile foundation support, also known as metal fiber foundation support, is mainly to use pile driver to directly drive C-shaped steel, H-shaped steel or other structural steel into the ground. This installation method is very simple, but the pull-out resistance is poor.

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