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A solar tracker is a device that directs a payload towards the sun.

Payloads are typically solar panels, although they could be concentrators, mirrors, etc. Depending on the movements there could be: 

• Single-axis horizontal tracker: it follows the sun East-West (the most common) 

• Single-axis vertical tracker: it follows the Sun South-North (not very common) 

• Double-axis tracker: it completely follows the Sun path. 

As the pricing, reliability, and performance of single-axis trackers have improved, the systems have been installed in an increasing percentage of utility-scale projects. 

For these different types of solar tracker, the steel structures are widely used according to the types of trackers. We Sino Sources can produce different types of solar structure to match the trackers, like C purline, Z purline, U pruline with hot dipped galvanized or ZM310 treatment.


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