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Photovoltaic power generation, which is to generate electricity by absorbing sunlight, has been vigorously supported by the state due to its green, environmental protection and other advantages. In the complex project of photovoltaic power generation, the support behind it is naturally indispensable, that is, the photovoltaic bracket, which supports the photovoltaic panel to absorb solar radiation and generate electricity. Therefore, the photovoltaic support is a very important part of the photovoltaic power generation system.

Solar Panel for Roofing Mounting System in one popular kind of support for photovoltaic power generation system. Most of all are steel pipes or some structure made of steel profiles galvanized.

This is a special bracket designed for placing, installing and fixing solar panels in the photovoltaic power generation system. The general materials are steel,  aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Photovoltaic bracket products are divided into ground type, roof type, wall type, portable and so on. The unique design structure of the solar bracket enables the module to be adjustable in angle according to different regions, so that the local solar energy resources can be fully utilized and the maximum power generation efficiency of the solar module can be achieved.

Regardless of commercial or civilian use, slope or flat roof, almost all roof photovoltaic mounting systems can get exclusive design solutions. From guide rails, inclined clips to various roof hooks, the length can be customized, eliminating the need for secondary cutting and welding. . Manual pre-assembly can save a lot of time for users, and the installation is easier to get started. From the perspective of humanization, it can reduce the labor cost of users. Starting from the factory, loyal to service, high quality, heavy structure and aesthetics have always been the driving force for our unremitting struggle.

So what are the advantages of solar roof mounts?

First, light and strong. The guide rail and the inclined clip have good compatibility, and can be installed well no matter from any position, and the pre-installation space is large, which can reduce the installation cost to the greatest extent.

Second, the aluminum alloy is corrosion-resistant. All accessories are made of high-quality anodized aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which are highly durable and anti-corrosion. Enjoy ten years of quality assurance and a service life of up to 25 years.

Third, U-shaped guide rails, load-bearing beams, columns, guide rails, side pressure blocks, middle pressure blocks, bolt assemblies, L feet and other specific accessories are complete, and the quality assurance service is convenient.

What should I pay attention to when installing solar roof brackets?

1. Be careful not to step on or press on the glass surface of the solar cell module, the human body will be injured by the electric current, causing serious shock. If the glass is damaged or broken, the component will stop generating electricity.

2. Use the specified tools to standardize the installation. If the installation is not standardized, there is a risk of the parts falling off, and the solar panel cannot be closely matched with other parts, which will cause a safety accident.

3. Please keep the spare parts. The solar template alone is easily damaged. Without the protection of the base and the guide rail, it may fall. For the sake of safety, be sure to protect the individual components.

4. Pay attention to the wind load limit of the installation site. For the safe bearing of the roof photovoltaic structure, if you have special requirements, you can consult the local construction and safety department.

5. Please stop working in bad weather, such as heavy storms and heavy rains, and the solar modules will be in danger of being blown down by the wind.

Conversion efficiency of solar panels

Power (W) tells how much electricity the solar panel can produce, while efficiency tells how much sunlight the solar panel can convert into electricity. To give a simple example: If the efficiency of a solar panel is 15%, it means that the solar panel is able to convert 15% of sunlight into electricity. However, various factors can affect efficiency. The most common is the shaded area around the roof. If the surrounding area is blocked by buildings or nearby trees, you can adjust the orientation of the solar panels and trim the branches of the trees. If there is a lot of dirt, contamination and dust. These are all harmful factors that can cause solar panel degradation over time, and you can clean your solar panels regularly. If it is rainy weather, this is inevitable.

Region (Southern Hemisphere, Northern Hemisphere, High Latitude, Low Latitude)

The location determines how much electricity the solar panel can use. Solar power was first adopted in the sunny Southwest.

Installation direction of the solar panel

The direction the solar panel is facing also affects the amount of electricity produced. The recommended orientation for solar installations can be either south or west, depending on the region where your location is located.

Determining Standard Test Conditions

Standard Test Conditions (STC), which are determined after testing solar panels in the laboratory. Standard test conditions for PV modules are 77 degrees Fahrenheit with 1000W of sunlight per square mile. If you reach these perfect conditions, a solar panel panel rated at 250W will produce exactly 250W of electricity. But these are laboratory tests, but how to test in reality, you can refer to my previous article link.

In recent years, the hot solar photovoltaic industry has walked side by side with sustainable energy such as wind energy. Photovoltaic is green energy, and the development prospects of environment-friendly energy are very broad.

First of all, it has a shorter construction period than traditional coal and petroleum energy sources and has fewer restrictions, such as altitude and area, which will not affect the photovoltaic system.

Secondly, the accessories are complete and the flexibility is high.

This is a special bracket designed for placing, installing and fixing solar panels in the photovoltaic power generation system. The general materials are steel,  aluminum alloy and stainless steel.


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