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Z profile steel is a common cold-formed thin-walled steel with a thickness of generally 1.6-3.0mm and a cross-section height of  120-350mm. The processing materials are hot rolled and galvanized. Processing standards are implemented in accordance with GB50018-2002. Steel z purlins are commonly used in large steel structures. The processing length and the hole are produced according to the processing requirements.

Main use of Z section steel:

Cold-formed Z profile has the advantages of adjustable size and high compressive strength. It is widely used in solar brackets, vegetable greenhouses, automobiles, railway vehicles, building doors and windows, shelves, highway guardrails, construction steel structures, containers, steel formwork and scaffolding, shipbuilding, bridges, transmission towers, cable trays, agricultural machinery, furniture, warehousing, pipeline supports and other fields.

Z purlins have the following advantages over C purlins:

1. It is easy to transport. In the case of the same volume, the Z-shaped purlins are transported more, so that the transportation cost of the unit purlins is reduced;

2. Better performance of force;

3. It can be made into a continuous purlin to reduce the height of the purlin section and save material.


In addition to the position of the cornice, there is not much difference between the C purlin and the Z purlin. However, there are not many manufacturers that can process the Z profile, and the design is also to consider the procurement problem of the constructor.

Coverage and mechanical options can be applied to the material depending on the project being designed and drawn. The gauge of the material may preferably be hard or soft depending on the load thereon, and the thickness of the galvanized coating may vary depending on the desired corrosion resistance, or if desired, the hot rolled sheet may be coated with paint.

Compared to heavy-duty steel structures, Z-profiles have a price and material advantage of up to 40% because of their high load-bearing capacity. By providing ease of production, procurement, transportation and assembly, this also increases the reliability, speed and affordability of steel construction.


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