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Tianjin Sino East Group is a professional manufacturer of various types of c section purlin brackets, mainly engaged in the research and development, produces and sales of steel c section for photovoltaic systems. We adhere to the business philosophy of promoting and popularizing clean energy applications. By integrating various resources at home and abroad, we have produced galvanized c purlins, 4 inch c purlin, 6 c purlin, 8 inch c purlin steel, 2x4 c purlins, 2x3 c purlins, c section roof purlins,etc. In addition, other types of steel related to photovoltaic supports, such as z profilel profile steelgalvanized square tubing,etc.

So,What are the types of photovoltaic scaffold components and their functions?

1, the bracket

A system for supporting photovoltaic cell assemblies. Columns, supports, beams, shafts, guides, and accessories made of metal materials may be equipped with transmission and control components to track the sun's trajectory.

2, fixed bracket

A stand with an adjustable angle of inclination and azimuth.

3, single axis tracking bracket

A bracket that rotates around an axis to track the sun.

4, dual axis tracking bracket

A bracket that rotates around two axes to track the sun.

5, column

A member for supporting a beam, a shaft, a guide rail, or the like is connected to the foundation.

6, support

A component used to reinforce the stability of columns, beams, and rails.

7, beam

A component used to support a rail.

8, the shaft

A component for supporting the rails and adjusting the angle of the rails (for tracking brackets).

9, the guide rail

A component for supporting a photovoltaic power generation assembly.

10, the connecting rod

Mechanical transmission components for brackets and brackets and brackets and power systems (for tracking brackets).

11, accessories

Refers to the connection between straight segments, straight segments and bends to form the necessary joints for the continuous bracket system to fix or supplement the straight section and bend function. Divided into: linear connecting plate, hinge connecting plate, turning connecting plate, variable angle connecting plate, partition wall, pressure plate, fasteners.


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