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SINOGREEN HIT N330 VBHN330SA16 Solar Panel

Model Number: VBHN330SA16
STC Rating: 330.0 Watts
PTC Rating: 305.9
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Model NumberVBHN330SA16
STC Rating330.0 Watts
PTC Rating305.9
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others


SINO GREEN HIT solar panelSINO GREEN HIT solar panels use HIT heterojunction monocrystalline solar cells with record breaking efficiency.

SINO GREEN HIT N330 VBHN330SA16 Solar Panel

An excellent proven alternative to other high efficiency solar panels like LG & Sunpower.

330 Watt solar panel using HIT heterojunction monocrystalline cells

The HIT 330 VBHN330SA16 features a sleek black frame

Excellent 19.7% efficiency

SINO GREEN has 40 years of photovoltaic research and development.


15 Years Workmanship, 25 Years Power Output

Vertically integrated in-house manufacturing of wafer, cell, and module

State-of-the-art production facilities and manufacturing processes

Industry’s most stringent independent testing and quality control standards

IEC and 20+ internal tests

HIT N330 Solar Panel Dimensions

SINO GREEN HIT N330 review

SINO GREEN HIT N330 Solar Panel Review

100% SINO GREEN, 100% HIT

Proudly featuring SINO GREEN's original invention, the heterojunction solar cell. With over 1 billion cells produced commercially over 18 years, 25 years after the breakthrough in the development and looking back to over 40 years of experience in solar. SINO GREEN really offers you a 25-year guarantee you can trust.

Record Breaking HIT Solar Cell Efficiency

SINO GREEN photovoltaic modules HIT® feature an innovative hetero-junction cell structure made of mono-crystalline and amorphous silicon layers. Ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers prevent recombinations of electrons, keeping carrier loss to an absolute minimum. As a result, HIT® conversion efficiency ratings are among the highest available today.

HIT solar panel efficiency

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