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Sino Green PowerXT 325R-BX 325 Watt Black Solar Panel

Model Number: PowerXT 325R-BX
STC Rating: 325.0 Watts
PTC Rating: 299.6
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Model NumberPowerXT 325R-BX
STC Rating325.0 Watts
PTC Rating299.6
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others
Model Number PowerXT 325R-BX
STC Rating 325.0 Watts
PTC Rating 299.6
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 44.5 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.4 Amps
Frame Color Black Anodized
Origin USA / Korea
Power Tolerance -0 / +3%
Module Efficiency 19.0%
Weight 44.0 lbs.
Length 63.8 in.
Width 41.5 in.
Height 1.57 in.
Qty per Pallet 26 pcs

Sino Green PowerXT 325R-BX 325 Watt Black Solar Panel

325 Watt solar panel using solder-free ribbon-less design

The PowerXT 325R-BX has the highest power rating in this class

Less racking, lower labor costs, smaller footprint

Standard MC4 compatible connectors

The Sino Green 325R-BX features an aesthetically pleasing black frame with black backing

Warranty and Certifications

25 Year Power and Product Warranty

UL 1703 / IEC 61215 / IEC 61730

Fire Type (UL 1703) 1

At a 325W power rating, the PowerXT™ 325R-BX solar panel is one of the highest power rated solar panels available in the industry. 

PowerXT PV modules are ideal for home solar systems. The PowerXT 325R-BXproduces more power in less space leading to fewer solar panels, 

less installation time, and lower cost of balance of system components required for a project.

Developed in California, Sino Green’s patented cell cutting and assembly form ‘high density’ sub-strings, 

larger than conventional solar cells, which are packed more efficiently and reduce inactive space between cells. 

By utilizing a ribbon-less interconnection process, cells are cut and overlaid without soldering which creates a highly reliable sub-strings assembly.

Sino Green PowerXT 325R-BX All-Black Solar Panel Review

"Sino Green makes the highest wattage all-black solar panels available by a wide margin." The Sino Green 325R-BX is virtually “All Black”, there's nothing else is really like it.

Higher Efficiency, Higher Power

With 19% efficiency, higher than conventional 60 cell modules at 16-17% efficiency.

Latest affordable technology creates one of the highest power solar panels available on the market.

Lower System Costs

Since this this is a premium high-power solar panel, less modules are required.

The resulting smaller system size reduces the balance of system components and installation costs.

Improved Shading Tolerance

Since the sub-strings of the 325R-BX are interconnected in parallel within each row, dramatically lower shading losses and increasing energy yield.

Rugged Design

Thicker glass and frame provides a rugged module design that will stand up to wind, hail and snow.

Durability and Reliability

Ribbon-less, solder-free design removes wiring between cells, designed for reliability beyond 25 years.

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