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Sino East Steel Group CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of solar photovoltaic stents, mainly engaged in studies, produces and sales of photovoltaic stent systems. We adhere to the business philosophy of promoting and popularizing clean energy applications. By integrating various resources at home and abroad, we have launched a series of high-quality and innovative products such as inclined roof brackets, adjustable angle roof brackets, flat roof brackets, ground brackets and column brackets. Mainly used in industrial plants, commercial buildings, residential roofs, agricultural facilities, remote areas and so on. The various classifications of steel sections are actually a change in the shape of the section. In the C, H and Z steels we know, they are all ordinary cold-formed profiles. The H-shape must first be distinguished from the I-beam, between the two. The product quality and implementation standards are not the same, although the appearance is somewhat similar. At the same time, we care about the production method and product quality. The hot-rolled I-beams are generally hot-rolled. H beams are generally welded with steel plates, although they are also hot-rolled but start later.

C profile steel must also be distinguished from channel steel. It is similar in many respects. It is similar to the above. Although steel c profile has hot rolling production but starts late, the thickness is thinner than the channel steel, and we can distinguish well in cross section. Come out, one is curling and the other is straight edge. Then we can't analyze the product. The advantage of the product lies in the value of various products, whether it is C profile or channel steel. In a certain type of production, its The value will be greater than the other. Therefore, strictly speaking, the use needs to be analyzed according to the occasion!

The photovoltaic scaffold material is divided into main material and auxiliary material. The main material is the main raw material, including steel plate, steel pipe, profile and cast steel. The auxiliary material is auxiliary raw material, including connecting material, coating material, welding material, connecting fastener and anti-corrosion. Paint and others.

When manufacturing photovoltaic supports, we must follow the three-point principles: 1. The surface of the steel must not have cracks, crusting, folding, hemp, bubbles and inclusions, no delamination or slag inclusions at the edges or fractures. 1.2 pipes, profiles Materials need to meet the needs of the country's corresponding standard documents. 2. Photovoltaic bracket installation materials must have quality certificate, mark, inspection report, etc., and need to indicate the product variety, specifications, performance indicators, product identification content needs to meet product standards, contract terms, design documents requirements. 3. The materials used for the manufacture and installation of the brackets are required by the national standards for re-inspection. The performance indicators must be re-inspected in accordance with the current national standards and the terms of the contract, and can only be used in the manufacture and installation of the brackets.

There are two main types of materials used for photovoltaic supports: one is steel and another is aluminum. The surface strength is a standard for two materials. The common Q235 and profile 6063 for material strength are compared to explain the two materials. Surface strength difference Our comparison is carried out from two aspects. 1. The first consideration of this choice of tensile and compressive strength is Q235. The strength of Q235 is about 210, 6063 aluminum is about 150. 2. The shear resistance Q235 material is 1206063 aluminum. In the comparison of the fleet of the two materials around 85, the strength of the aluminum is generally about 70% of the steel, so in many cases, in order to ensure that it is not affected by the harsh weather, the steel is used as the photovoltaic support material, H-shaped steel and photovoltaic support steel. Steel with a certain shape, H-shaped steel is a steel with a H-shaped cross section. The hot-rolled and cold-rolled H-shaped steel in the photovoltaic support has common models: HW (wide wing) HM (middle wing) HN ( Narrow wing) HT (thin wall) HU (steel pile) and so on.


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