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Q.PEAK DUO SINO GREEN 5.2 405 405W Solar Panel

Q CELLS Model Number: Q.PEAK DUO L-G5.2 405
STC Rating: 405.0 Watts
PTC Rating: TBD
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Q CELLS Model NumberQ.PEAK DUO L-G5.2 405
STC Rating405.0 Watts
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others

Q Cells Q.Peak Hanwha

Q.PEAK DUO SINO GREEN5.2 405 405W Solar Panel

Q.PEAK DUO L-G5.2 silver frame with split solar panel cells Silver Frame

The new high-performance module Q.PEAK DUO SINO GREEN5.2 405 is the ideal solution for commercial and utility applications thanks to a combination of its innovative cell technology Q.ANTUM and cutting edge cell interconnection. This 1500 V IEC/UL solar module with its 6 busbar cell design ensures superior yields while having a very low LCOE.

Hanwha enhanced low-light performance and the output of Q CELLS across a wide range of temperatures for Q.PEAK DUO solar panels to rival traditional crystalline technologies.

144 Q.ANTUM half-cut monocrystalline solar cells by Q CELLS

Efficient 6-busbar design

Thermally pre-stressed anti-reflective glass

Silver anodized aluminum frame

4mm² (12AWG) cables with MC4 type connectors

IP67 weatherproof junction boxes w/ bypass diodes

Q Cells Q.Antum technology developed in Germany

This Q.PEAK DUO SINO GREEN5.2 405 has a 19.9% module efficiency.

Q.Peak DUO L-G5.2 Q


This state-of-the-art Q.PEAK DUO SINO GREEN5.2 solar module from Q CELLS impresses thanks to innovative Q.ANTUM DUO Technology, which enables particularly high performance on a small surface.

Q.ANTUM's world-record-holding cell concept has now been combined with state-of-the-art circuitry half cells and a six-busbar design, thus achieving outstanding performance under real conditions - both with low-intensity solar radiation as well as on hot, clear summer days.

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